Stephanie McMahon vs Bayley Could Happen After Wrestlemania 33

WWE Rumors: Bayley Vs. Stephanie McMahon Feud Coming After ‘WrestleMania 33’

WWE officials are still in the process of turning Bayley into the top babyface in the company, but she may be ascending to that role with a surprising feud the WWE Universe isn’t expecting. Heading into WrestleMania 33, Bayley will defend the Raw Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Nia Jax. As of this writing, the expectation is she’ll be leaving Orlando with the title and go on a long run as the champion.

It has been rumored for a while that Sasha Banks will be turning heel to rekindle the rivalry between herself and Bayley over the Raw Women’s Title after WrestleMania 33. On paper, their feud will have the longevity of Charlotte vs. Banks from last year and potentially into WWE SummerSlam. Vince McMahon wants to see Bayley become the top female babyface in the company, so the feud with The Boss will be a part of that.

The WWE Universe will be extremely invested in Bayley vs. Sasha Banks, but WWE officials may have some even bigger plans for the Raw Women’s Champion after the feud with The Boss is over. In fact, she may go from feuding with “The Boss” to “The Boss of WWE” if Stephanie McMahon is willing to get into the ring.

Bayley and Stephanie McMahon is a Classic Face vs Heel Dynamic
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It’s being reported that Bayley is interested in a match with Stephanie McMahon. Nothing is confirmed, but a match between them could happen after WrestleMania. On Raw, Bayley and Stephanie haven’t developed much tension until she won the Raw Women’s Title after interference from Sasha, and Stephanie asked her to vacate the championship. Since then, their tension has been building even as recently as this week’s Raw.

WWE officials could be planting the seeds for a feud between Bayley and Stephanie McMahon, but it seems that it would be a while before their tension reaches a boiling point to force a match at a big WWE PPV like WWE SummerSlam. However, during a recent interview promoting WrestleMania 33, Bayley discussed the idea of feuding with Stephanie McMahon and creating an Austin/McMahon dynamic for this generation.

“I’ve thought about that so many times. Even when I was a kid. When she was having matches with Lita, I was like I want to have matches with Stephanie one day. That’s one of my dream matches to be honest. If it could continue on, like you said with Austin and Vince, that would be so much fun, but I’m sure it’s a little much to ask for right now.”

Bayley is Still Being Built as the Top Female Babyface in WWE
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Obviously, Austin vs. McMahon was a completely different animal. However, there is no one in WWE who’s more over as a babyface than Bayley right now. Stephanie McMahon has been one of WWE’s top heels for a long time on WWE television. It’s unclear if Stephanie would be willing to get back into a WWE ring for the first time in three years, but Bayley is an excellent choice to bring her back to the ring for another match.

WWE officials pushing Bayley into the top female babyface role is a perfect fit for her. The upcoming rivalry with Sasha Banks should do wonders to establish her in that position, but a match with Stephanie McMahon may potentially do more to cement Bayley in that role. The WWE Universe adores her. Having her feud with the top heel authority figure in WWE may not be Austin vs. McMahon, but it will get her over as a babyface.

The only concern the WWE Universe could have is the quality of the match between them. It wouldn’t be a technical classic, but the story would be the strength of the feud. WWE cementing Bayley as the character in the women’s division who is the shining example of good versus Stephanie McMahon’s authority is a great story to tell. There may not be a better way to push Bayley as the underdog. We just need to wait and see if it’s in the cards over the next several months.

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