April the giraffe is not in labor, lactation has not begun

April The Giraffe Labor Updates: No Lactation, Watch Animal Adventure Park Cam

April the giraffe is not in active labor, nor has she undergone any changes to signify lactation. As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, April needs to have milk in her udders and shed wax caps before active labor can begin.

April is a 15-year-old reticulated giraffe who lives at the Animal Adventure Park located in Harpursville, New York with her 5-year-old mate, Oliver (aka “Ollie”). Owned by Jordan Patch, April became a viral sensation after Patch installed a cam in her giraffe stall and then live-streamed her daily antics 24/7. As April is at the end of her pregnancy, the Animal Adventure Park will stream the birth of her calf, and millions worldwide are waiting for the blessed moment to arrive. If you haven’t watched the giraffe cam, you can see the live feed in the video player below.

You can see and compare photos of April’s udders in the article below. This gives a good visual presentation of how much progress April has made. She is near the end of her pregnancy and active labor is on the horizon, but it is not going to start without milk for her calf. As long as there are wax caps on her udders, she is not ready to feed her calf. According to the Giraffe Husbandry Manual, milk will come in and then active labor will begin within two days. Without changes in lactation, as reported by the Animal Adventure Park in the March 23 evening update, the likelihood of active labor beginning is slim. You can read the full update below.

In last night’s Animal Adventure Park update, it was stated that April hadn’t experienced any change in lactation. This is a clear sign that she is not ready for active labor; she must have milk present for her unborn calf once he or she is born. The early morning update indicated more changes were present in April’s physical appearance as her belly continues to grow larger. You can see a video presentation from the AAP filmed in November of 2016, where owner Jordan Patch introduces the world to April, shows the giraffe barn and the stalls, and discusses upcoming plans for her birth. If you look at April’s stomach in the video, you’ll see she has made tremendous growth from November until March.

You may compare the size of April’s belly in the above video with the live feed. You can also see a comparison in the morning update for March 24, 2017. April’s belly continues to grow, and there is no doubt she is on the road to active labor. As April continues on her journey, she reaches one milestone after another. With March winding down and April right around the corner, the possibility for an April Fool’s baby doesn’t seem so far off.

There has been much confusion regarding April’s expected birth window and just how close to active labor she is. Back in January, the Animal Adventure Park provided an update where they believed April had lost the wax caps on her udders and had begun lactation. It was later learned this was something that is a common misconception, and April actually still retained the wax caps and was not lactating. Here is the video from January 25 where they mistakenly thought April was very close to active labor.

Fans are keeping a close watch on April for signs of active labor, and at this point, it doesn’t appear she will suddenly deliver a baby calf without any warning. The Animal Adventure Park is marvelously chartering new territorial waters with April, and this will be the park’s first giraffe calf. Although there have been some miscalculations along the way, the AAP staff continually provides vital updates to let April’s followers stay current on her latest condition. There is no reason to think the Animal Adventure Park will not provide a public update once a change in lactation takes place. Remember, she must produce milk and shed the wax caps. Once that takes place, viewers can expect a baby calf to be born within two days.

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[Featured Image by Lukiyanova Natalia Frenta/Shutterstock]