Christina El Moussa poses for pictures at Santa HQ

Christina El Moussa Bikini Body Pics With Daughter Rebuked Amid Divorce Filing

Christina El Moussa’s bikini pics are eye candy for some, but for others, the blonde beauty’s decision to pose in a skimpy bathing suit with her daughter is unbefitting of a mom. Amid the Flip or Flop star’s divorce filing from Tarek El Moussa — and rumors she is dating a new boyfriend — the backlash is the last thing she needs in her life.

Christina El Moussa took part in a recent photo shoot with Taylor, her 6-year-old daughter. While some lauded the bikini mom for looking healthy and happy despite her impending divorce, others slammed Christina’s super sexy mom look alongside her baby girl.

El Moussa and her daughter were apparently making a big fuss over the addition of a new member of their family: a French bulldog puppy. Christina and her daughter appear in matching bikinis, but the real estate agent caught flack for wearing a “revealing” bikini ensemble in the presence of the toddler, according to Fox News.

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The mother and daughter were part of a shoot by LSpace by Monica Wise, a popular swimwear line. Critics call the bikini attire “completely inappropriate.”

“I am done with your show you are not making good mother choices,” one ticked-off reader wrote.

Others soon piled on Christina for wearing the barely-there swimwear. A few questioned her role as a mother. Still, some on Instagram came to the mom-of-two’s defense

“What stupid reactions so many have. There is nothing inappropriate here just a mom enjoying bringing up her kid & making that girl feel good about herself,” wrote one TEAM Christina reader.

“If they want to say this is inappropriate they need to check out other profiles,” another supporter wrote, adding, “Go to the beach and see what most people wear. I see nothing wrong with this photo. It’s a great photo.”

Christina El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa split recently, and the news came as a complete surprise. The stunning revelation shook up the network and fans of the Flip or Flop TV show.

Rumors continue to fly about what led to the breakup. The good news is that Christina and Tarek are committed to being civil and working together in a business relationship. Recently, El Moussa spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her marital downfall.

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“Honestly, I’m doing really good. I’m in a really good place. The kids are happy, they’re healthy. Tarek and I are in a good spot. We have a lot of things that we’re working on, cool things coming in the future, so we’re just looking forward.”

Christina insists that she is in a good place with her ex-husband at the moment. In the early days of the divorce proceedings, their relationship got “ugly” and things appeared to be falling apart, not only in their marriage, but also with their day jobs.

E! Online recently spoke with the blonde bombshell at an event in Los Angeles. After being probed about her split from Tarek, Christina El Moussa opened up a bit more about her transition as a single parent. In addition to Taylor, the estranged couple is raising 18-month-old Brayden. So far, life appears to be “normal” as the divorce looms.

“[We’ll] probably always spend the holidays together. We’re getting through this by staying great friends and being the best parents possible. Divorced couples who fight their whole lives really mess up their kids. We had a talk and said, ‘We still want the kids to understand we’re a unit — that we’re still a family even if we’re not together.'”

After she and Tarek went their separate ways, Christina dated their former contractor — Gary Anderson — for a short while. On March 13, she said that chapter in her book had closed and she is not dating. Moreover, she dismissed the possibility for the near future.

Nine days later, E! News published the headline, “Christina El Moussa Is Dating Hunky Hockey Player Nate Thompson,” after the mother-of-two was seen with a “mystery man.” A day later, Christina’s rep dismissed the rumors and said their client was still single.

What are your thoughts about Christina El Moussa’s bikini pics? Did they cross the line or do critics have it all wrong?

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