Tony Romo trade rumors Cowboys trade release Denver by Monday

Tony Romo Trade Rumors: Cowboys To Trade Or Release Romo To Broncos By Monday?

Those ongoing Tony Romo trade rumors in the NFL could finally come to a conclusion as of this weekend. At least one Dallas Cowboys insider believes that could be the case after months of the rumor mill churning out scenarios that could work for Tony, his team, and almost any other NFL team. As the speculation continues to haunt Romo, Cowboys fans, Broncos fans, and Texans fans, will the longtime quarterback have a new team on Monday morning?

Earlier today, Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann of the Mile High Report discussed how the NFL owners meetings will start up in Phoenix, Arizona, this Sunday. That could give several of the owners time to talk about a trade involving the Cowboys QB. As Jerry Jones had kept Romo on the roster when free agency started up, it created the potential for a trade with either of the two frontrunner teams in the “Romo chase.” Basically, Jones was trying to get the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans to fight for Romo and see who could make the better offer.

Tony Romo trade rumors for Denver Broncos by Monday
Will the Tony Romo trade rumors be resolved by Monday morning? [Image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

That didn’t happen, but with the owners able to talk shop and trades starting Sunday, it could finally all come to a close. CBS Sports and Dallas Cowboys insider Mike Fisher tweeted that there’s a strong prediction the Romo situation is about to reach its resolution.

One Twitter user quickly called out Fisher on the fact that this topic has been exhausted by now. However, Fisher followed up by replying with a bit more information to back up the speculation.

Owners Jerry Jones of the Cowboys, Bob McNair of the Texans, and Broncos general manager John Elway will all be in attendance for the annual meetings starting this weekend. They’ll run from Sunday through March 29, giving ample time to finally finish off this saga involving Romo, the Cowboys, and a few teams with strong needs for a new quarterback to help them compete in the postseason.

There is one relatively well-known Dallas Cowboys fan who wants all this Romo drama to come to an end. FS1 Undisputed’s Skip Bayless is not only rooting for the situation to be resolved, but he is also urging the Denver Broncos to make the move, according to 247 Sports Denver. Bayless contends that Tony Romo’s $24.7 million salary cap and current contract with the Cowboys would need to be restructured for a deal to work with Denver. However, he pleads with Denver that if they want to “maximize their shot” at winning the Super Bowl in the next year, “a la Peyton Manning,” then a trade for Romo makes the most sense.

Denver Broncos Peyton Manning with John Elway at team intro
John Elway brought Peyton Manning to help Denver win another Super Bowl. Will he do the same with Romo for next season? [Image by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images]

Bayless added that Romo might go along with that notion of changing his deal due to the desire for a championship.

“You can’t do that, nobody wants to do it, and I don’t think Tony wants that now. But, I think he knows in his heart of hearts he’s going to have to compromise to get a shot at winning a Super Bowl late in his career at age 37.”

It seems that there is all sorts of pressure on plenty of parties to finally get something done. It’s been mentioned by several reports, including one from Sporting News, that if a decision isn’t made with Tony Romo during these upcoming meetings, the next potential move comes in April. The Cowboys’ offseason program starts on April 17, and if Tony Romo ends up appearing there, that might say a lot.

Sports fans, do you believe Tony Romo will be a member of the Denver Broncos as of Monday morning, or will Houston surprise everyone and make a deal?

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