Gwyneth Paltrow Publishes Explicit Guide To Anal Sex On Her Goop Website

Paltrow offers advice about anal sex

Gwyneth Paltrow, the self-proclaimed healthy lifestyle guru, shared her expertise on the subject of anal sex on her goop website on Thursday. Paltrow’s goop website is known for offering explicit advice on sex-related topics, such as swinger parties, orgasms, S&M, and sex toys.

The 44-year-old discussed a wide range of sex topics, including orgasms, sex toys, and pornography in the latest issue of her newsletter, Sex Issue. She also devoted an entire article titled “Reality Check: Anal Sex,” to an unfiltered discussion of the taboo subject. The article on anal sex included an interview with an expert, the research psychoanalyst Paul Joannides, author of The Guide to Getting it On!

Joannides gave answers to questions about anal sex and addressed common misconceptions and myths about it. He also talked about how the adult film industry has influenced the attitude of the heterosexual population to anal sex.

“If anal turns you on, you are definitely not alone.”

Paltrow claimed in her article that the act has lately become “practically standard in the modern bedroom repertoire,” but she cautioned that “its prevalence doesn’t change the fact that it’s the riskiest sexual behavior in terms of HIV and other STDs.”

“First it was shocking, then it was having a cultural moment, now it’s practically standard in the modern bedroom repertoire — or so a quick scan of any media, from porn to HBO, will tell you,” Paltrow wrote. “But the reality about anal is not, actually, that everyone’s doing it.”

Joannides explained that most misconceptions about anal sex stem from its portrayal in pornography, which has become very readily accessible since the advent of the Internet. According to Joannides, due to the fact that the primary purpose of pornography is salacious rather than educational the portrayal of anal sex in pornography is often misleading.

He offered tips on how to perform the sex act comfortably and enjoyably but warned sex partners about the health risks of the act.

Joannides pointed out, for instance, that physical trauma could easily result from anal sex because the “anus isn’t designed to have a penis thrust up it.” He also noted that people who practice anal sex are more likely to have STDs.

Women, in particular, are very susceptible to contracting HIV from anal sex.

“Understand that the way you see anal sex portrayed in porn is about as real as how they drive cars in Fast and the Furious,” the expert said.

“Couples who do not have excellent sexual communication, and who don’t have a high level of trust should not be having anal sex.”

He warned that both partners must be willing to participate and neither should feel pressured to engage in the act.

Joannides also addressed the misleading impression about anal sex, allegedly promoted by the media, that “everyone is doing it.” According to the expert, research shows that only about 10-15 percent of heterosexual couples engage in anal sex regularly, and according to the National Health Statistic Report by the CDC, less than half of couples — about 30-40 percent — have ever tried it.

Joannides advised couples interested in the sex act to first do some research about it.

“Both of you should read all you can about it first,” the sex expert advised. “Spend a few weeks helping the receiving partner… relax. Make sure you and your partner have great sexual communication, trust, and that you both want to do it, as opposed to one trying to pressure the other, or not wanting to do it but doing it because you are afraid your partner will find someone else who will.”

“Do not do it drunk or stoned.. If it doesn’t feel good when it’s happening, stop,” he added.

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