Is JLo in a Controlling Relationship with New Beau A-Rod?

JLo and A-Rod are rumored to be much more than just a fling, but is their relationship healthy? Former MLB player Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, had a lot of control at the plate. This led to a career batting average of.295 and a ton of awards, but if InTouch Magazine’s source is correct, A-Rod is already exerting some dominance over JLo by telling her how to dress.

This might truly be nothing more than merely making some suggestions, but it may also be an early warning sign for the singer and actress. After all, A-Rod has a questionable history when it comes to romance. His past was laid out in recent divorce filings, including allegations from his ex-wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, that the slugger had engaged in multiple extramarital affairs.

The Relationship between JLo and A-Rod

Jennifer Lopez, who is more commonly referred to as JLo, reportedly began dating A-Rod during the end of 2016. Interestingly, JLo was also linked to Drake, according to The Daily News as recently as January, so perhaps neither relationship was very serious at that time.

A-Rod and JLo kept things quiet until a couple of weeks ago when the first selfie of the two of them appeared for a brief time on Instagram. JLo quickly took the image down after people began speculating the man behind her hair was, in fact, A-Rod.

Shortly thereafter, the couple went on a vacation to the Bahamas, followed by working out together at a Miami gym. They have since been spotted on the town a few times having a date night, and JLo has definitely been living up to the rumors of A-Rod’s supposed wardrobe requirements. For instance, the formfitting mini dress she wore on the evening of March 16 left little of her legs to the imagination.

Allegations of Controlling Behavior

Is it controlling to make wardrobe suggestions? Most people would say no. However, if A-Rod demands that JLo dresses a certain way, that’s a classic sign of control. The previously mentioned source indicated that the problem isn’t what JLo wears in public. Instead, she supposedly doesn’t reveal enough skin when relaxing in her home wear. This may prove to be nothing more than a request made by a man who appreciates his new girlfriend’s body, but it also brings up the important point that everyone should have full autonomy over their clothing choices.

JLo A-Rod
JLo shows some skin (courtesy of A-Rod suggestions?) [Image by Jason LaVeris/AP Images]

A-Rod’s Troubled Past

JLo A-Rod
A-Rod was dubbed A-Roid for using steroids [Image by Adam Glanzman/AP Images]

A-Rod had a lot of memorable performance while wearing a New York Yankees uniform, but he also caused a good bit of controversy. As a result, there were many variations of his nickname utilized by the public, the media, and his contemporaries. For example, when A-Rod admitted in 2009 to using performance enhancing steroids, he was dubbed A-Roid.

Two years before that incident, A-Rod was spotted at a Toronto hotel room with a woman who wasn’t his wife. As a result, the former shortstop and third baseman found himself being called Stray-Rod by fans and tabloids.

JLo’s Romantic Entanglements

JLo has been married twice and had a long string of relationships. However, she’s also shown that she can go the distance by being with Marc Anthony for seven years. At the same time, her long engagement to Ben Affleck, which ended before anyone could say “I do,” makes it clear that she’s probably not looking to rush into marriage number three.

JLo has never been shy about showing off her physical assets in public, and she has a lot of experience dating people in the limelight. It’s impossible to know after such a short period of time if A-Rod and JLo are more than just a fling, but if the rumors of controlling behavior are overblown, these two may end up complementing each other’s lifestyles nicely.

[Featured Images by C Flanigan/ Getty Images and Jason LaVeris/Getty Images]