Kandi Burruss Lesbian Rumor

Kandi Burruss Lesbian Rumors: Shamea Morton Speaks Out

Kandi Burruss was surprised when her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star, Phaedra Parks, made the accusation that Kandi had hooked up with her long-time friend Shamea Morton. Kandi was shocked because she had been married to Todd Tucker for a few years and never even thought about hooking up with her friend. Phaedra’s argument for the hook-up was that they were close friends. It sounds like she had no evidence about the hookup, but viewers were curious about the accusation. While Kandi denied the hookup, Shamea Morton never spoke out about it — until now.

According to a new Bravo report, everything that Kandi Burruss has said about the rumors are true if you ask Shamea. When she watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was shocked. She had never hooked up with Kandi Burruss and never thought about it. While Kandi was surprised when she heard the rumor, Shamea was shocked. She learned about the rumor when she was watching the show with her fiancé, Gerald Mwangi. He laughed about it because he knew it wasn’t true.

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“I played it back several times, but when I first saw it, my mouth just dropped open, I was like, ‘Oh my God,'” Morton told Bravo’s the Daily Dish about the rumor, adding, “I was watching it with my fiancé actually, and he just burst out laughing.”

Rather than get angry about the rumor, Morton looked at it as flattery. If someone is talking about her, then she’s interesting to people. And she links that to her own success. Maybe Phaedra feels threatened by her, because she’s friends with Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams — two people who Parks isn’t exactly on friendly terms with these days.

“They always say when you’re doing really well, your name is going to come up. When they’re not talking about you, that’s when you should worry. Half of those things and the person that kind of put them out there, she’s the devil in a dress,” she continued about the rumor, where she has supposedly had sex with, Kandi Burruss. “So I always knew that. So when those things came out, I wasn’t too shocked.”

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Some people have wondered why Shamea didn’t freak out after hearing about the rumors. She’s friends with Kandi Burruss and has been cordial to Phaedra once before. If anything, she’s shocked that Parks would say such a thing about her considering they don’t know each other that well. Maybe she was just trying to hurt Kandi.

“I was cordial to Phaedra because of Porsha even last season in Miami, I tolerated Phaedra just because of Porsha’s new friendship with her,” she explained about previously meeting Phaedra during a trip where Kandi Burruss was present. “But now, after her making those types of accusations, she just went too far.”

It sounds like any chance of a friendship with Parks is out the window. Kandi Burruss has revealed that she’s hurt by the way Parks has handled things, and after this story, Morton may also question Parks’ motives. However, she and Burruss have become closer, as they now stand together in this ordeal against Parks.

“We have been able to lean on each other through this ordeal,” she continued to Bravo, adding, “I think we were able to vent to each other because we were both put in the hot seat and betrayed by people we once called friends.”

What do you think of the way Kandi Burruss and Shamea have handled these rumors?

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