'Scandal' Has Social Media Saying, 'What The Huck'

‘Scandal’ Has Social Media Saying, ‘What The Huck’

Scandal made a lasting impression on fans who watched last night’s episode. The entire season has been centered around who shot Frankie Vargas, and it is much more complicated than who fired the actual shots. There is so much going on right now on Scandal, and Shonda Rhimes delivered one of the biggest curveballs in the show’s history. Social media has been blowing up, and fans are all saying, “What the Huck.”

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Warning: There are spoilers ahead. Please stop reading if you do not want to know the details of specific episodes.

The basic knowledge of what is happening this season on Scandal is that Rowan (Joe Morton) killed Frankie Vargas to ensure the safety of his girlfriend Sandra, who Rowan later shot dead with a bullet to the head. Now, he is working hard to save Olivia (Kerry Washington) because this unknown threat has eyes all over her. Because you can never be too sure with something Shonda Rhimes cooks up, there were several people who were suspected of being the “mole.” As it turns out, nothing is what it seemed, and there are plenty of things wrong in Olivia’s inner circle.

Just when Scandal fans were starting to believe that maybe Huck (Guillermo Diaz) would finally have a love life, Shonda Rhimes threw a wrench in the plans. He had been getting close to Meg (Phoebe Neidhart) and even offered her a key to his apartment. After some self-doubt, he pegged her as the “mole” and attempted to get her to talk. She played him well enough to get out of there without being stuck by the needle, and then, it was game over. According to E! Online, Scandal fans were shocked when Meg shot and killed Jennifer Fields (Chelsea Kurtz) and turned the gun on Huck. Did she end up killing him too?

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The phrase “What the Huck” was immediately trending on Twitter with fans on the East Coast going crazy after that ending. Several of the actors were weighing in on what happened, including some of the fan-favorites who used the hashtag, “What the Huck.” Scandal is never going to be the same after the line of betrayal came from one of the original gladiators. Abby Wheelan (Darby Stanchfield) was the one who was waiting for Meg after Jennifer was taken care of, and Huck was left to bleed out. Scandal fans are left wondering whether or not he will survive, and if he does, will he be able to trace it back to Abby before anything else happens?

Fans are busy trying to figure out why Abby has hooked up with these people and what the advantage to having Frankie Vargas taken out really was. Scandal has thrown curveballs before, but this one is huge. Speculation is that Huck will be alive and work on linking everything back to whoever paid Meg to kill her best friend and injure him. The mere fact that fans believe he is alive is only speculation and wishful thinking as nothing has been made official. Guillermo Diaz has not talked about leaving Scandal, but with something like this, anything is possible. He is one of the most important characters in the story, and Shonda Rhimes has given him several dimensions in the six seasons he has been on the show. Scandal without Huck would be hard to imagine.

As fans anticipate the next episode of Scandal, there are so many mixed emotions. Shonda Rhimes alienated Abby from the rest of her team, making her one of the top Scandal bad guys. There is a lot of information that still needs to come out, especially when it comes to the future of Huck. Fans were blown away at what Scandal provided last night and social media is still asking, “What the Huck.”

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