Train Derails in Penn Station causing service problems

Amtrak Train Derails In NYC Penn Station, Hits NJ Transit Train – Twitter Photos

New York City’s Penn Station was the site of a train derailment during Friday morning’s rush hour. The Amtrak Acela train reportedly came off the tracks hitting another incoming train when it did. So far, there is no word on injuries.

According to CBS News, this involved two trains. When an Amtrak train leaving Penn Station derailed, it hit an incoming NJ Transit train. Services were suspended due to the train derailment.

Update at 2:10 a.m. Friday: Two minor injuries were treated on the scene, reports ABC 7 New York. There were no other injuries reported. While it is not known how the train derailed, a passenger on board the derailed train reported “As we were exiting the train, we were walking through the café car and two of the cars visibly shifted.” Passenger Toby Knapp also told Eyewitness News ABC 7, “Something caused the car to derail in the station.”

While Amtrak service is up and running, there are still delays and limited service both in and out of NYC’s Penn Station. The transit authority is working on a schedule for Friday’s evening rush hour.

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Twitter is already reporting the news via passengers on board the train. Below one of the passengers tweets that the train he was riding on “collided” with another “oncoming train.” The picture shows the window in the train being blown out, but passenger Jordan Geary writes that “Thankfully everyone is okay.”

There were 248 passengers on board the derailed train at the time. CBS News is reporting that everyone was able to safely leave the train, which was still near the platform at the time. The train was going at a slow rate of speed, leaving the platform in Penn Station when it derailed. Because part of the train was still near the platform, people were able to exit very easily into Penn Station.

Another tweet shows the damage to one of the doors on the train, which can be seen below.

According to CNBC News, all New Jersey Transit rail service was suspended at Penn Station due to the derailment this morning. The Acela Train departed from Boston and was on its way to Washington D.C. when it derailed at around 9 a.m., just as rush hour was waning down. The New Jersey Transit announced closings and train diversions in the tweets below:

CNBC reports that Penn Station is a busy hub and suspension of the service affects the commuters in the New York City metro area. The New Jersey Midtown Direct trains are now being diverted to the Hoboken Terminal. Ticket holders have options as the tickets will be “cross-honored” with private carriers, the PATH train and the NJ Transit bus.

This derailment is now being referred to as a “minor derailment” and still no injuries are reported after a good two hours have gone by since the incident occurred. While getting around the area of Penn Station via a train today may cause some hassles, the transit authority has made arrangements so there are options of buses and other trains.

When the news first broke this morning on Fox News live, they only had the report of a train derailment, no one knew at the time if this was a serious incident or as it turns out, a “minor derailment.” For updates on the service disruptions in and around Penn Station, you can check the New Jersey Transit Twitter page, where updates are posted.

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