Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler accepts an award.

‘Dance Moms’ Star Maddie Ziegler Is Now A ‘New York Times’ Best-Selling Author

Maddie Ziegler is definitely living her dreams away from Abby Lee Miller and Dance Moms. The 14-year-old dance prodigy recently reached another milestone in her career, solidifying her name as a New York Times best-selling authors.

Earlier this week, the former Dance Moms star took to Twitter and shared the good news with her fans. Maddie, who already has numerous accomplishments at such a young age, impressed her fans once again for another noteworthy achievement.

Ziegler, who already started to make a name for herself as a clothing designer and an actress, is now a certified best-selling author. Maddie’s new book, The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir, made it onto the New York Times bestseller list just a week after it was launched.

“Couldn’t be more excited & grateful to announce that #TheMaddieDiaries is a NYT best seller! Thanks to ALL my fans for making this happen.”

In her controversial tell-all book, Ziegler dissed Dance Moms mentor Abby Lee Miller. The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir also failed to mention Miller’s name despite the fact that she was the one who helped launch Maddie’s career. Fans of the Lifetime reality show and ALDC founder were dismayed about Ziegler and her new book, claiming that the rising star is “ungrateful.”

In the memoir, Maddie shared some intriguing details about her time with Abby on Dance Moms. The young star dished about the show’s drama on and off the camera, reiterating that she doesn’t want to be part of it anymore.

“I was eight years old at the time, and there were cameramen following me around everywhere I went,” Ziegler wrote. “I would just ignore them and go about my business. Eventually, you feel a little exposed because you’re on all the time. Your life is what the show is about, but you’re also trying to live it. I just wanted to dance; I didn’t want all the drama.”


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ALDC fans were also quick to notice how Maddie expressed her gratitude to her new mentor, Sia, instead of Abby, who was with her during the early stages of her dancing career. Ziegler credited Sia for giving her the opportunity to be part of her music video for “Chandelier,” which she considers a life-changer.

“‘Chandelier’ definitely change my life – it made me more than just the girl from ‘Dance Moms’. It opened a lot of doors and opportunities for me.”

Maddie even gushed about the singer, revealing that behind the iconic bangs is someone who is very fun and easy to get along with. By the looks of it, the young dancer is really having a good time with the 41-year-old singer.

“She’s the goofiest person I’ve met. She’s giggling all the time. You can’t ever really take her seriously when you’re with her.”

congrats on ur grammy nomination ???? love u !!

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Ziegler also revealed her relationship with Miller during Dance Moms and admitted that despite falling apart, she learned a lot of lessons from the show and the 50-year-old dance instructor.

“I learned a lot of lessons,” Maddie admitted. “I had the craziest time when I was with her and on that team… I did learn a lot from her and we did have some fun times.”

Maddie also sent the message loud and clear that she has no intention of going back to the show and even admitted that she has no regrets about leaving in the first place. The dance princess bluntly revealed that she was just happy to move on from that point in her life.

“I’m really glad I did move on from that… I feel like now, I’ve never been happier in my life. And I’m not stressed at all, which is crazy. I was stressed at 11 years old, which shouldn’t happen.”

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Currently, Maddie Ziegler is busy promoting her book. The Dance Moms star and former Abby Lee Miller mentee is busy with her recent projects, including her clothing line, Maddie Style, and new animated film, Leap. Ziegler also hinted about an upcoming biopic with Sia in the near future.

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