'Dancing With The Stars' Bonner Bolton And Sharna Burgess More Than Friends? [Featured Image by ABC]

‘Dancing With The Stars’: Bonner Bolton And Sharna Burgess More Than Friends?

Bonner Bolton raised quite a few eyebrows during the premiere of Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars, and it wasn’t because of his dance moves. The bull riding champion was caught getting a little too cozy with dance partner Sharna Burgess. Are they more than friends?

Us Magazine reports that Bolton was caught putting his hands on Burgess’ crotch after Nick Viall and Peta Murgatroyd finished their performance. The dance pro quickly moved Bolton’s hand but not before fans noticed the awkward scene.

“Loverz its #clapbackseason Lets talk about the awkward hand… actually since I’ve had #nipplegate already, lets just call it #handgate,” Burgess wrote on Twitter. “Anyone who has the ridiculous idea that it was intentional…is straight up stupid. As in lacking the intelligence to realize it was innocent.”

Bolton also assured fans that the inappropriate touch was accidental. Bolton claims that he was distracted watching Viall and Murgatroyd’s performance and wasn’t paying attention to his hand placement, which ventured a little too far south than he intended.

Even without the crotch grab, rumors of a romance between the two would have been hard to avoid. Their chemistry was obvious the moment they stepped on the dance floor and Bolton even admitted that he’s attracted to Burgess.

“I was telling her before we started tonight, I said, ‘I can’t look at you for too long, I feel like I might get distracted’ and maybe that’s why I missed some of my steps,” he said after their dance.

This cowboy has been workin his butt off in rehearsals!! #teamdenimndiamonds

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“I am a professional!” Burgess quickly noted. “We have great chemistry and we have a lot of fun, but first and foremost we’re just trying to do a great job in this competition. I want to stay in it to tell his story, I want everyone to get to know him and I want to take this man to the final. And that is our priority! I think everyone’s making a big deal about our obvious chemistry.”

According to Us Magazine, Bolton later clarified his statement on their chemistry. Bolton told reporters that Burgess keeps things strictly professional on the dance floor and has been pushing him to work hard during rehearsals. While he called her beautiful, Bolton assured everyone that he just wants to make her happy on the show.

People reports that sparks flew the moment Bolton and Burgess first met for Dancing with the Stars rehearsals. Burgess was introduced to Bolton at his ranch in Texas and wasn’t prepared for the meeting. When Bolton strolled up to her in his cowboy at sunset, Burgess admitted the scene “looked amazing.”

Bolton had similar feelings. The bull rider-turned-model admitted that he was speechless when he first saw Burgess and realized that she would make a great dancing partner. After telling Burgess his incredible story, which includes him recovering from a near-crippling spinal cord injury, she was instantly excited to dance with him.

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There’s no telling what is happening behind the scenes between Burgess and Bolton, but they clearly have a great connection with each other. Whether this turns into a romance later down the road is yet to be seen.

In the meantime, Bolton has a lot of work ahead if he wants to win the coveted mirror ball trophy. This season features a line-up of top notch celebrities and athletes, including Mr. T, Simone Biles, and Charo. If Burgess and Bolton can avoid getting distracted they might have a chance of winning it all.

Fans can watch Bolton and Burgess take the dance floor together when new episodes of Dancing with the Stars air Monday nights on ABC.

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