Gwen Alexander Fired Brad's Wife From Cracker Barrel, Says Brad's Facebook Post

Cracker Barrel’s Gwen Alexander Fired Brad’s Wife: Folks Want Nanette On ‘Ellen’

The saga of Brad’s wife continues to another day, with Bradley Reid Byrd updating his Facebook followers with news that Cracker Barrel still hasn’t responded to all the melee, as reported by the Inquisitr. With so many hashtags being spawned from the firing of Brad’s wife from Cracker Barrel, like #BradsWife, #BradsWifeMatters, #BradsWifeFired and more, it seems the world is waiting on Cracker Barrel to make a statement about why they fired Brad’s wife.

As seen in the following tweet, at least one Chick-fil-A location stepped up and proclaimed that they would hire Brad’s wife. More than one person is tagging The Ellen Show on tweets like the next one, in hopes that Brad’s wife, Nanette, could be featured on the show.

The whole incident seems to have begun about a month ago, according to Brad on Facebook, when Brad turned to the social media platform to vent about his wife being fired from Cracker Barrel by a woman whom Brad named as Gwen Alexander.

“To say I’m pi**ed off would be an understatement. After 11 years, those low lifes [sic] at Cracker Barrel let my wife go. I would really like to know why and those of you who know me these days, know that I WILL find out. In the mean time, if any of you would like to know also, please go to their Facebook page and ask them. I would really appreciate it. Their half a**ed excuse was that she wasn’t working out. After 11 YEARS? Come on. This old boy is STORMING!!!! You can’t even get people to work 40 hours these days and her AVERAGE week was 50 to 60. Needless to say, we WILL be seeing an attorney soon. If anybody knows a good labor attorney, please let me know. Thank you. I’d better quit now before I go too far. By the way. The low life who fired her was Gwen Alexander.”

Before long, the entire Internet seemed to jump on Brad’s side to help him get justice for his wife. Even Brad’s daughter, Emily A. Byrd, cheered on her dad via Facebook as the saga of Brad’s wife went viral. There’s even a Twitter page called “Brad’s Wife” found at the Twitter handle @realBradswife, even though there’s no confirmation that the account is actually run by Brad’s wife, Nanette. Most likely a parody account, the Twitter handle’s profile proclaims, “I spent 11 of the best years of my life at Cracker Barrel until I was fired for no reason at all, on Brad’s birthday no less. Please pray for me and Brad.”

Gwen Alexander Fired Brad's Wife From Cracker Barrel, Says Brad's Facebook Post
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In actuality, it was reportedly Brad’s mother’s birthday when the firing happened. Either way, Brad wrote that Nanette was cheated out of vacation pay from Cracker Barrel due to the timing of her firing.

“Her hire in date was March 11th. Yes, March 11th. Coming up next week. Meaning no vacation pay for next year. Dang. Missed it by 2 weeks.”

Meanwhile, Brad wrote about the irony of the “CB Cares” program that allows Cracker Barrel employees to contribute to Cracker Barrel workers going through a hard time. Brad’s wife Nanette contributed to “CB Cares” during her 11-year employment there, with the last contribution reduced from her final check. Brad vowed to email Cracker Barrel each day until they let him know why his wife was fired.

According to Brad on Facebook, it was Gwen Alexander, a Cracker Barrel district manager, who fired Brad’s wife from Cracker Barrel because, “She wasn’t working out.” As of this writing, Cracker Barrel has not issued a readily findable official statement about why Brad’s wife Nanette was fired. Online, folks are wondering if Brad’s wife was simply too close to retirement age and if Cracker Barrel was attempting to avoid paying Brad’s wife some type of retirement benefits.

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