Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam: Significant Kicking, More Belly Growth Noted

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam: Significant Kicking, More Belly Growth Noted

More and more people are tuning into Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe cam this morning, as the petting zoo released its latest April the giraffe update. The zoo also posted a picture of the giraffe’s big belly to underscore how much it’s grown in recent weeks.

Animal Adventure Park’s April the giraffe update for Friday morning was a rather chipper, if low-key update on the zoo’s Facebook page, reporting that “all is well in Giraffe Land,” with “nothing beyond the normal.” However, those eagerly waiting for April to give birth might want to take note of the following observation from AAP officials.

“As I update, significant kicks and movements occurring on April’s left side.”

This could be a sign April is almost ready to give birth and that viewers may want to pay closer attention to Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe cam. As of this writing, there are almost 127,000 people watching the giraffe cam, many of whom are hoping to see that miracle in action as April gives birth to her fourth calf.

Meanwhile, the new April the giraffe update also suggests that Animal Adventure Park is trying to solve ongoing issues with the bucket puzzle feeder, one of the “enrichment items” previously installed in April’s pen earlier this week. The zoo will also be visited later on today by Toys ‘R’ Us’ corporate team, or, as AAP called them, the “caretakers of Geoffrey the Giraffe,” Geoffrey being the retailer’s longtime company mascot. Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam has been sponsored by Toys ‘R’ Us since Wednesday.

The Thursday evening updates were also quite positive, as Animal Adventure Park stated that temperatures are on the rise once again, with snow in the area melting away. That means April and her mate Oliver may soon be free to enjoy yard time outside, and not have to remain cooped up in their respective pens. Last night, it was also reported that there wasn’t any “change in discharge or lactation” when April was visited by park veterinarian Dr. Tim and AAP zookeepers.

With more and more people tuning into Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe cam and hoping for some really big updates, the zoo made sure to include a photo of April with a good view of her growing belly. This was much appreciated by several Facebook commenters, including one who observed that the giraffe’s belly had truly grown significantly in size since the giraffe cam first went live.

“I love this picture. Gives you a better perspective of how incredibly big April is, not just pregnancy-wise, but as an animal!”

Other commenters, however, took issue with a typo on the new April the giraffe update, showing a date of September 24 instead of March 24. This again brought to mind something the Inquisitr wrote about last week – since many feel that it’s simply taking too long for April to give birth, it could likely be an elaborate April Fools’ joke. But as stated in that report, the physical signs are all there, though it would be interesting if April’s fourth calf is born on April 1. Currently, odds suggest that the calf might be born sometime next week, which would make an April 1 birth plausible.

While some commenters expressed concern about Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe factoid for the day, it bears mentioning that the zoo was referring mainly to wild giraffes, whose calves only have a 50 percent life expectancy rate in their first six months. This is due to factors that include a variety of wild predators such as lions, hyenas, and leopards, animal poaching, and destruction of the giraffe’s natural habitat.

Are you one of the thousands tuned into Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam or those patiently waiting for the next April the Giraffe update?

[Featured Image by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images]