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‘Teen Mom’ Dad Javi Marroquin Confirms Relationship With Madison Walls

It’s official. Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin is dating Real World star Madison Channing Walls.

After spending the weekend together, the couple has confirmed they have made their relationship official during a joint interview.

“[Javi Marroquin] and I are definitely together,” Walls confirmed to E! News on March 22. “We are definitely boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“We are definitely boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Javi Marroquin’s relationship with the Real World star began after she sent him a direct message on her social media page. According to the report, many fans online believed the reality stars had similar stories about their former partners and children. As Real World fans may recall, Walls was involved in an on-camera romance with co-star Tony Raines during filming and they later welcomed a child together.

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When Javi Marroquin first began communicating with Walls, their interaction was nothing more than friendly conversation. Then, as time continued, they found themselves talking nonstop and ultimately began dating.

“I love that he is a gentleman,” Madison shared.

“And I like his core values and that he has morals and just what he stands for.”

Last weekend, during Javi Marroquin’s first meeting with his new girlfriend, he treated Walls to a romantic meal at his favorite restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which isn’t too far from his Delaware home.

“We enjoyed a nice bottle of wine and then later I had my friends come out to meet her and we all went out and danced and drank and just had a really good time,” Javi Marroquin recalled. “It was awesome.”

As they spent time together at a nightclub in Philadelphia, Javi Marroquin posed for a couple of photos with Walls and later shared one of those photos on his Instagram page. Meanwhile, on Walls’ page, she shared a photo with her fans and followers, as well.

As for what’s next for the new couple, Javi Marroquin is reportedly planning to visit Walls in her hometown in Austin, Texas sometime in April. However, when it comes to spending time with one another’s children, Marroquin isn’t quite ready to allow Walls to meet his young son with ex-wife Kailyn Lowry, 3-year-old Lincoln.

“I haven’t introduced [Madison] to Lincoln yet. I learned from my past mistakes where I introduced him way too early on in a relationship, so now I know better,” Javi Marroquin explained, likely referencing his past relationship with Cassie Bucka, which ended after just one month.

While Javi Marroquin will be waiting to introduce Lincoln to Walls, Walls appears to be ready to have her daughter meet the Teen Mom 2 dad when he visits her next month.

“I’m really excited for him to come to Austin next month. I’m going to introduce him to my friends and family and [my daughter] Harper and yeah it should just be a really good time and then we are already making plans for this summer together,” she said.

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Continuing on to E! News, Javi Marroquin confirmed that his ex-wife, who is currently expecting her third child with an unidentified man, is aware of his new romance with Walls.

“Kail knows about the relationship for sure,” Javi Marroquin said.

“I’m happy for Kail. I wish her nothing but the best and health and wellness and all of that stuff you know? I’m here for her. We actually are in a good place and I just want health for her and the baby.”

To see more of Javi Marroquin and his family, tune into new episodes of Teen Mom 2 Season 7B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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