John Mayer and Katy Perry smile for photographers.

John Mayer Struck By Love: Wants To Be With Katy Perry Again And Have Babies

In an interview published by the New York Times on Thursday, the famous songwriter John Mayer revealed that his new single, “Still Feel Like Your Man,” is dedicated a very special person who used to be in his life. Who else could it be except for Katy Perry?

Recording artists Katy Perry and John Mayer attend the Sony Music Entertainment. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

John Mayer and Katy Perry shared romance for a year and a half until early 2014, when the couple broke up. After breaking up with Mayer, Katy Perry went into a relationship with Orlando Bloom for almost a year only to realize that they were not fit for each other. Perry and Bloom broke up and the former’s ex had a surprise waiting for her.

“Who else would I be thinking of?” John Mayer said.

“And, by the way, it’s a testament to the fact that I have not dated a lot of people in the last five, six, years, that’s my only relationship, so I deserve this, people.”

The lyrics read as follows, “I still have your shampoo in my shower. In case you want to wash your hair. And I know you probably already found something else elsewhere. But I do not really care.”

The lyrics continue, “I still like the letters of your name and how they feel, baby. I still think I’m not going to find another you. I still like to leave the party early home, baby. And you do not know, baby. That I would rather sit here and be alone, baby.”

John Mayer has definitely won the public’s heart if not Katy Perry’s. This song is inspired by the love of his life, Katy Perry, and is a part of his new album titled The Search for Everything. It seems that John Mayer is sending a message of forgiveness to his ex-girlfriend, Katy Perry. He wants a second chance.

“There were times when I had tears and I said, okay, John, maybe this is not about an informal relationship. This is something deeper,” he told the New York Times.

He told the media that since he separated from Perry, he has not dated many girls, although he has used applications for that. He added that “it’s a lot of conversation… we all talk to them. There are very few people who want to know each other.”

John Mayer also expressed his desire to settle down with Katy Perry and start a family. It is very clear that Mayer has found the true love of his life. However, the same cannot be stated with certainty as far as Katy Perry is concerned. John Mayer said, “I wish there was someone to celebrate the 40,” he said. “I want a baby with protective headphones [next to the stage].”

Mayer’s comments come out a month after Perry and Orlando Bloom announced their separation, after a year of being together. Last July, the two met Mayer while on a date.

John Mayer got caught up as the subject of someone else’s song, namely Taylor Swift whom he dated as well. Taylor and Mayer went out for several months back in 2009 when Swift was just 19.

John Mayer told the Rolling Stone that he felt “very humiliated” by that song, which he thinks is about him and says things like “Do not you think it’s too much to play your dark games with someone 19?” Taylor Swift did not stay silent to this remark. “How presumptuous I never reveal who my songs are,” Swift told Glamor magazine in response to Mayer’s comments.

John Mayer and Taylor Swift perform. [Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]

Mayer is known as one of the great heartthrobs of Hollywood. Even though the well-renowned rock artist has had his fair share of potential brides listed down including Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Love Hewitt among others, according to him, no one comes as close to Katy Perry.

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