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Have ‘Gold Rush’ Stars Todd Hoffman And Dave Turin Gone Their Separate Ways?

For Todd Hoffman fans, it is hard to believe that any season could compare to the Guyana, South American, gold mining disaster a few years back. The Hoffman crew were lured by the promise of a motherload of gold. Yet after much toil and trouble, the intrepid team limped home with merely two ounces of gold and bruised egos. Yet, despite this adversity, the team stayed intact in their quest and in their faith.

Yet, this season, their most recent change of mining location to their home state of Oregon seemed like an ideal solution for the family men to be closer to loved ones and to mine back in the states. Although the team broke and dispersed over over the failure of not finding gold nor getting that necessary paycheck in not one but two different Oregon mines, it seemed like there was a fresh renewal of purpose and kinship when Freddy Dodge found gold in Colorado.

When the team reassembled and worked not one, but two prospects. Is it possible that their desperate, yet more successful move over to Colorado may have created an atmosphere that interfered with the easy camaraderie in friendship, work and strong religious beliefs that bound the Hoffman crew? The pressure cooker situation turned into hostility and fights within the crew. Sadly, the unthinkable has happened: Todd Hoffman and Dave Turin are no longer going to work together.

How are things going to run on the Hoffman crew now? Todd’s big dreams and Dave’s practical sense was a recipe for gold mining success. Is there any chance that Dave will change his mind and return to Gold Rush?

In the recent Gold Rush episode called “War and Peace,” Dave talked it over and gave the ultimatum that it was either Trey or him. When asked, Dave could not, nor would not, work with someone who was disrespectful. “I’ve already done the negotiating – and Trey is staying, so I am moving on. I will find a new adventure. Thanks for your support and God bless you buddy.”

Starcasm reported that when asked if he could change his mind, the strong, soft-spoken man said that there was nothing that would tempt him to return to this sort of atmosphere.

“Nope, can’t work with disrespect, never worth any amount of money. It’s time to move on.”

Now, Turin has his own website, named after his nickname Dozer Dave. He has been talking to large and small groups of people as a keynote speaker, motivating them and sharing his own experiences. He has been working in his own video production company creating digital material for company safety, equipment, and promotional videos. He even has met up with Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe. Any chance of a collaboration or a new television show here? No one knows yet. Gold mining season is starting quite soon and he may be in the works for something special.

While Dave Turin is working on his speaking and video production business, it appears Todd Hoffman has mastered a different type of gold: television gold. On his Facebook page, Hoffman recently announced that Gold Standard TV has now put up their shingle in downtown Portland, far from the glittering lights of LA. Todd reveals that they have “six or seven new projects on the burners” and is quite proud of being a television startup.

“You don’t have to be a large company in the TV business. The creativity can flow and move quickly from a tiny companies with a dream.”

What kinds of shows should we expect from Todd? According to Variety, the first scripted project is called Prodigal. This original Todd Hoffman story idea follows the story of a “Manhattan gangster as he heads into the Western frontier of the 1870s.” Veteran screenwriter and author Nathan Edmondson, who is best known for writing Who is Jake Ellis comic book series, is writing the pilot episode.

Per his LinkedIn bio, it appears that in 2017, Todd Hoffman is also going to launch another new show called Family Fortress.

“Currently working with a group of engineers on a tracking device as well as a big screen western script. I have designed another TV show called Family Fortress (TM) to be launched in 2017.”

Gold Standard TV is expected to create about four different programs–both scripted and unscripted–per year. These programs will end up either on traditional television or some of the new and popular digital platforms. As of now, there is no mention on which format or station either Family Fortress or Prodigal will be broadcast.

Will Todd Hoffman continue to star on Gold Rush and still mine for gold? It appears that this is true, yet minus Dave Turin. Whether the Hoffman crew returns to Colorado or goes back to the Klondike may be another question fans might ask. Their goal is 5,000 ounces of gold. Will the Colorado sites be able to produce that much gold? Could 2017 be the year that the Hoffman crew strike it rich?

Do you think that the two sites in Oregon and two more in Colorado–with an inspection of a third site for next season–proved to take down this close-knit team? What do you think about Todd and Dave’s individual new business projects? Share your comments and stories below.

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