Things could get tricky in One Piece 861 with the presence of Commaner Dogtooth during the tea party

‘One Piece’ 861 Manga: Capone Bege Meets Commander That Could Ruin Their Plans

One Piece 861 manga will finally feature the exciting wedding between Sanji and Pudding. Guests have already arrived salivating at all the delectable food and drinks Big Mom has prepared for the special occasion, which already started in the recently released One Piece Chapter 860.

Meanwhile, the situation behind the scene is even more exciting and tense. The players are now gearing up for the bloody roles they are set to play in the coming One Piece 861 manga chapter. Pudding was last seen lamenting on the long day ahead; she will have to shoot Sanji as it is the arranged signal for Big Mom’s assassination squad to burst into the scene and massacre the Vinsmoke clan, thereby completing Big Mom’s claim to the clone army, the Germa 66. But more tiring for Pudding are the numerous guests whose memories she has to later edit using her Devil Fruit ability, Memo Memo no Mi, to make them forget what would definitely be a gory scene.

On the other hand, the Straw Hat Pirates and Capone Bege alliance is ready to put into motion their plan to kill Big Mom. While Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats were not featured in the recently released One Piece Chapter 860, Bege was seen manning the security of the wedding.

However, there was an incident at the entrance which seems to indicate that their plan of taking down the Yonkou in One Piece 861 may hit a snag. This time, the potential problem may come from Big Mom’s second son and one of the three commanders, Dogtooth Charlotte.

The incident, which happened in One Piece Chapter 860 and may be read in Manga Stream, involved an invited guest named Organ-Dealer Jigra. As Capone Bege intercepted the guest for the routine body check, Jigra refused to cooperate saying that he received an invitation for the event and was even invited to the previous tea party. As he started to explain to Jinbe, he was suddenly knocked back and fell to the ground dead as if shot be someone.

Commander Dogtooth Charlotte later explained to Capon Bege that it was his doing. Apparently, the man was planning to wreak havoc and would have killed two of Bege’s men doing the security detail. Dogtooth saw through Jigra’s plan and even relayed to Bege the conversation that would have transpired. This revelation was a shock to Bege and he began to worry how Dogtooth’s ability may interfere with their plans in the coming One Piece 861.

As Bege assessed, he the most troublesome person to be around during the tea party. Dogtooth has developed his observation haki to the point that the commander is even capable of peeking a bit into the future. This does not bode well for the Straw Hats – Bege alliance as they implement they plan in One Piece 861 because their plan is hinged on the element of surprise. A single warning to Big Mom will be all it takes for the well-oiled plan to completely fall apart.

The previous chapter also answered lingering questions on why Jinbe abruptly stopped his bid of leaving the Big Mom Pirates. As fans may recall, Jinbe previously sought the Yonkou’s permission to leave her group so he may join the Straw Hat Pirates. However, when Big Mom called for the Roulette Wheel, it seemed that Jinbe suddenly lost steam and was no longer seen pressing Big Mom to release him.

As explained by Jinbe in the last chapter, the price for his freedom was just too great. Apparently, the numbers seen on the wheel correspond to the number of men from Jinbe’s crew that must be killed in exchange for his freedom. Calling Big Mom draconian, Jinbe already revealed to his men that he will be joining the Straw Hats and will even lay down his life for his new captain Luffy when he eventually confronts the Yonkou during the tea party, which will already start in One Piece 861.

The plot is bound to get delightfully complicated when One Piece Chapter 861 releases next week. Stay tuned to the Inquisitr for the latest updates on the hit manga series.

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