Brad Pitt As Cable Concept Art For 'Deadpool 2'

Brad Pitt Cast As ‘Cable’ In ‘Deadpool 2’? Concept Art Leaked Online

Is Brad Pitt playing “Cable” in Deadpool 2? According to reports citing a leaked concept art, there is a good chance he is, as Fox reportedly had eyes on him.

Ever since the first Deadpool movie became a box office hit with a massive $783 million in ticket sales worldwide, despite having an R-rating, people have been talking about the sequel that was also teased during the end credits scene of the first film.

The studio, 20th Century Fox, took advantage of the heightened interest and continued to tease fans with cryptic information about Deadpool 2.

Now, it seems the people at Fox did it again although we are still not quite sure. Apparently, concept art for the sequel emerged online showcasing none other than Brad Pitt as Cable.

According to Movie Web, the image was shared over Twitter by Boss Logic, a fan art maestro who claims that he did not create the concept art, even if he practically makes a living out of these things. Check it out.

Aside from the straightforward denial that he was behind the Brad Pitt-Cable masterpiece, Movie Web notes that the image doesn’t feature his signature.

A report from Collider claims that while they have no confirmation on whether or not Pitt is playing the famous comic book character in the sequel, they know that Ryan Reynolds and Fox “are aiming very high.”

Citing unnamed sources, the outlet said that Pitt was considered for the role for a certain time and that he was also interested to play Cable. However, Collider’s source claims that “he’s moved on” from the project considering that he may already have been booked for the sequel of his self-produced film World War Z.

Still, there is a good chance that things will turn around, although we have yet to see progress on that since other reports claiming a different actor may be Fox’s top choice for the role emerged simultaneously with the Brad Pitt as Cable report.

According to Movie Pilot, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick said that they will make an announcement about the casting “very soon.”

“We’re gonna go into production in the next couple of months and cast announcements will be coming fast and furious.”

And just like that, reports emerged claiming that Michael Shannon is the frontrunner for the role. First seen in The Hollywood Reporter, the news claims that a number of actors have been listed as candidate to play Cable but Shannon is on top of the list.

Aside from Pitt and Shannon, Stranger Things‘ David Harbour is also reportedly being considered for the role.

But what are they really looking for in an actor to be able to play this character? According to Reese, the actor who will play Cable will serve as a balancing factor to the “Merc with a Mouth.”

“I think intimidating, scary, a great foil opposite the lunacy. Someone with a great deadpan thing where they can react to someone who’s being crazy. Someone who also has a spark of a sense of humor,” Reese explains.

“This person has to be funny because they’re buddying up with Ryan [Reynolds] and Deadpool so they just themselves to be funny but in a more serious way, if that makes sense. Physically imposing and able to emote. There’s real drama and real stakes. It’s a tough one.”

For the uninitiated, Cable is a character that is the total opposite of Deadpool. THR described him as “a man who is a leader and used to being obeyed, who is very controlled but with an aura of simmering violence.” Comic book fans would know that Cable is a soldier, who suffers from a techno-organic virus, hailing from the future, and he’s also the adult son of X-Man Scott Summers, aka Cyclops.

As far as we know, Deadpool 2 is being developed with Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the wise-cracking Merc with a Mouth. Filming would begin this summer in Vancouver.

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[Featured Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]