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Faith Hill Reveals Her Beauty Secrets And More: ‘I’m Okay With Having Lines’

Faith Hill, believe it or not, is just six months shy of her 50th birthday, and many of her fans are eager to learn how Faith has kept her youthful appearance for so long. Ms. Hill is only too happy to share her secrets, but the Grammy-award-winning artist’s beauty tips might disappoint her fans, because they don’t involve any secret lotions, concealers, or medical treatments. Many will be surprised by the simplicity of Faith Hill’s beauty secrets, though the results certainly do speak for themselves.

Faith Hill On Staying Fit And Young As She Nears 50

Faith Hill
Faith Hill shares her philosophy on staying young. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Today reports that Faith Hill is far too happy with her life to worry about her reflection in the mirror, stressing over the newest wrinkles to appear on her face. Instead, Ms. Hill preaches a more casual approach to aging, trading in worries over her reflection for a more confident self image. Faith says she pays little attention to her face in the mirror, because worrying only confounds the problem.

This more casual approach to beauty is something new to Ms. Hill, who admits to embracing the big ’80s and every fashion and beauty fad that came along with that decade of decadence. Even though she had always had curly hair, Faith says she still went in for the perms to get those curls even bigger and bouncier.

“I used to wear tons of makeup, like that ’80s caked-on makeup,” shared Hill. “It’s the reason I rarely wear it now unless I absolutely have to.”

Faith’s more natural approach to beauty with less make-up has at least one fan. Husband Tim McGraw shares Faith’s new love for going natural and even goes so far as asking her to wear her hair down, because he likes her hair best in its natural state.

While Ms. Hill has retained her youthful appearance, she isn’t without lines, but she wears them proudly like badges of honor. Faith says her wrinkles are signs that she’s had a good life.

“I’m OK with having lines,” said 49-year-old Faith Hill. “I’m almost 50, I want people to know I’ve smiled a lot.”

Surely there must be more to the country singer’s youthful beauty, insist fans, but Faith says there really isn’t. While she does frequently test out new moisturizers, Hill doesn’t use one regularly enough to claim it as an anti-aging cure. Instead, Hill’s trick to staying young is more emotional than physical.

“I really do swear by the fact that if you are happy and if you spread happiness, you skin will be rosy, your smile will be bigger, your eyes will be brighter — no matter what decade you are in,” says Faith.

Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Team Up To Teach Respect For Women

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have teamed up for a new duet. [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

The husband and wife country music singing duo have teamed up on a new song, “Speak to a Girl” and, as Billboard reports, the song promotes greater respect for girls and women by the male gender. The duet features Hill and McGraw trading off lyrics, as each offers insight from their own gender’s point of view, which the artists hope will help people come to a greater understanding of the relationships between men and women.

For “Speak to a Girl,” Hill and McGraw offer lyrics that suggest actions speak louder than words or gifts when a man is trying to relate to a woman.

“That’s how you talk to a women/ That’s how you speak to a girl/ That’s how you get with a lady who’s worth more than anything in your whole world/ You’d better respect your mama/ Respect the hell out of her/ Because that’s how you talk to a woman and that’s how to speak to a girl,” sing Hill and McGraw together for the chorus.

Faith and Tim shared news that “Speak to a Girl” is just one song of an upcoming collaborative album the two country singers will soon be releasing, though the album doesn’t yet have a title.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will perform “Speak to a Girl” live when they appear at the 52nd Academy of Country Music Awards on April 2. In the meantime, the couple has released the audio for the song:

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]