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‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Unrated DVD Promises More Sex And Dominance

While Fifty Shades Darker did well in theaters, there are suspicions that the second film of the trilogy may do even better with the release of the DVD and Blu-Ray copies, especially because the home video releases will have a little something extra. Many DVD releases contain footage not released in theaters and that’s just the case with Fifty Shades Darker, which has Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan returning for more sexual antics and a more suspenseful plot. Even before that DVD release hits the market, Universal Pictures teases that famous pool table scene will make it into the special features disc.

The Fifty Shades Darker Unrated DVD Will Bring Dakota Johnson And Jamie Dornan Home

This time, Anastasia knows what she wants. Explore the Red Room now: link in bio.

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Plenty of people prefer to wait for their favorite films to be released on DVD and that may hold a greater attraction for fans of the Fifty Shades series, particularly when, as The Stir reports, the DVD release will include some juicy extras. Several scenes were either edited or cut entirely from the finished Fifty Shades Darker film, so it could retain its R rating, when it hit theaters early last month, but those edits weren’t lost forever and patient fans will be able to see them on the home video release.

Among the more titillating offerings is the famous pool table scene from the Fifty Shades Darker book, which was filmed with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, but was ultimately cut from the theatrical release. Now, the DVD release will include that scene.

The Fifty Shades Darker scene comes as Ana (Johnson) can no longer deny her desire to be back in Christian’s (Dornan) red room, but, before the couple can make it into that room of pleasure and pain, their passion consumes them. In the book, Grey seduces Ana on the pool table, but fans hoping to see that on film were disappointed. Even Dakota and Jamie expressed feeling frustrated over the decision to cut the scene, revealing that they spent a whole week filming the scene in the hopes of doing the book justice.

Deleted sex scenes aren’t all that the Fifty Shades Darker unrated DVD release has to offer. It will also include a Fifty Shades Freed teaser and in depth looks at Elena Lincoln, Leila, and Jack Hyde. Additionally, the special features on the Fifty Shades Darker home video release will explore the masquerade, the red room, and the new sex toys used exclusively in Fifty Shades Darker.

A Real Lifesyle Dominatrix Defends Fifty Shades Fans And Blasts Critics

Fans can’t get enough of #FiftyShadesDarker.

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Many film critics have been quick to dismiss the Fifty Shades films, spewing hate at the film franchise’s stars, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, while simultaneously throwing just as much spite towards fans of the films. Express reports that the flood of criticism hasn’t gone unnoticed and that one filmmaker, a former dominatrix herself, is stepping up to defend the films, the actors, and the fans against the latest Fifty Shades Darker tirade.

Cheyenne Picardo, who is making the rounds to promote her own film, Remedy, suggests critics are making random assumptions about Fifty Shades Darker, which are largely untrue. She adds that readers of the E.L. James books are learning about the BDSM lifestyle, and even for those reading for pure entertainment, are coming away from the books with a new understanding of what it means to be involved in a dominant/submissive lifestyle.

Picardo does hint that she feels the books might have been written better by others, as far as making the subject matter accessible to all readers.

“If Anthony Burgess [A Clockwork Orange] had tackled the subject matter, we’d have a very different dialogue about it right now,” says Cheyenne.

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