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Monkey Killing Motive Was Theft, Prosecutor Says

Monkey Murder

Boise, ID – The motive behind the killing of a patas monkey at Zoo Boise was theft, according to Today’s 6 News.

Ada County Deputy Prosecutor Fafa Alidjani explained that Michael J. Watkins intended to steal the monkey he allegedly beat to death near the animal’s exhibit. The suspect was reportedly attempting to smuggle the creature out of the zoo by hiding it under his jacket.

Since the monkey wasn’t too happy about being stolen, it attacked and bit Watkins. During the struggle with the animal, the suspect reportedly beat it repeatedly with a tree branch.

According to ABC News, Watkins didn’t have a very solid plan for getting the patas monkey out of the zoo.

“He told police he was going to throw the monkey outside the fence,” Alidjani explained. It was around this time that the animal attacked Watkins.

When security guards spotted the suspect, he quickly fled the scene of the crime. Although the monkey was alive when it was discovered by zoo officials, it later died as a result of its numerous injuries.

Watkins is expected to enter his plea to the charges of felony burglary and grand theft when he returns to court on December 5. If convicted of the crimes, the 22-year-old could face up to 10 years in prison for burglary and 14 years for grand theft.

According to USA Today, Zoo Boise director Steve Burns is appalled by the cruel and senseless death of the beloved patas monkey.

“I’ve been here for 15 years, and I don’t remember any cases where we’ve had a visitor intentionally or even accidentally injure an animal,” Burns said. “People in Boise are usually pretty respectful. We were just saying the other day that we can’t even remember the last time that someone was found inside the zoo after hours. The security guards do a really good job.”

Now that the monkey killing motive has been established, what do you think should happen to the man who murdered the animal?

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25 Responses to “Monkey Killing Motive Was Theft, Prosecutor Says”

  1. Kevin Scott

    I'd say 5years prison and another 5 probation, you people talking about killing him are even worse then the guy himself! your talking about killing a Human Being over a Monkey….are you Furkin SERIOUS!

  2. Brenda Wooten

    I think he should spend the next 5 years having to clean up animal pooh for 8 hours a day then go sit in his cell for the other 16.

  3. Bob Bennett

    Put him in the zoo on exhibit as typical low life human for one year in the monkeys enclosure that he killed.Feed him only monkey chow pellets and water while he is there.

  4. LaJuan Hollis

    I think he should be surprised in the middle of the night, grabbed , crammed into a sack and dragged away from his home against his will and when he resists he should be beaten repeatedly with a tree branch until he stops moving.. and then left where he lies for several hours on the cold ground until a compassionate individual finds him and offers medical care.If he survives, he should stand on a busy street corner holding a sign that declares his crime, then jail time plus 100 hours of community service, for each year of life he stole from this creature, cleaning monkey cages and financial restitution…just an idea.

  5. Lucille Grello

    Piece of shit… coward, beating on a smaller animal, to satisfy maybe a lack of attention… and adult now deserves to live with it and suffer like he made the animal suffer.

  6. Thejesuslizardkingdiamond O'riley

    Quite serious.. Ever had a pet? Ever raised animals from birth? Betcha not…..I'd gladly volunteer to be his keeper and beat the everlasting s^&* outta him. You obviously value LIFE with little regard, period! Karma's a beyotch..

  7. Lennye Brown-Tourville

    what about charging him with animal abuse or cruelty to animals? give him more time for the crime I think it was simply awful what he did to that poor monkey! I hope he gets rabies or some disease from the bite sorry excuse for a human!

  8. Richard Greene

    While what this bloke was bad and something I would never do killing a human being over a bleedin monkey? Oh really? In some countries they eat phookin monkeys the begak tribe of the Amazon rain forest say their quite delicious in a stew of forest greens and blatarch potato's.

  9. Wendy Mierbeth

    I hope the monkey had a virus and this goon dies a slow and painful death. Would serve him right.

  10. Judy N. Disguise

    Freakin' bastard. You will never walk without being watched again. We are watching.

  11. Cue Stix

    pull out all his teeth, and finger nails, then let him rot in prison for 25 years.

  12. Leatrice Allen

    I am glad the monkey bit him. He should get 25 years to life..I mean that was an animal and the monkey was fighing for his life when the thief stole him. I worked at a zoo once and the patas monkey likes one person and if he does not know you he could do you some harm. I was attacked because the monkey didn't want me feeding him the pop corn, He wanted his owner to. They are moody with strangers. You can ask the person that watches out for that particular monkey. The monkey would not have done anything to him if he had not tried to do something. Killing it was a crime and he should set in jail for doing that to that monkey. I really do not think the man could have gotten away from the monkey that was biting him because he was protecting himself. I do think the monkey might have kept biting him because he messed with the Monkey. No kidding DOn't MESS WITH A MONKEY you will remember it….

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