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‘Dirty Jobs’ Canceled By Discovery Channel

'Dirty Jobs' Canceled By Discovery Channel

Dirty Jobs has been canceled by the Discovery Channel after 10 years and 171 episodes. The show featured Mike Rowe traveling the country doing various jobs that normal people wouldn’t want to go near — like sheep castrator, maggot farmer, and roadkill cleaner.

Rowe wrote an essay on The Huffington Post letting fans know he was told about the decision a few weeks ago, but that it took him a little while to digest the news.

He explained to readers that in previous years when the show has gone off the air for a few months, he has been happy to inform them that rumors about the show’s cancellation were false. Unfortunately, this time he had to confirm them. Rowe wrote:

“A few weeks ago, I was officially informed that Dirty Jobs had entered a new phase. One I like to call, ‘permanent hiatus.’ Or in the more popular industry vernacular, cancelled … it’s difficult for me to imagine a future that does not involve exploding toilets, venomous snakes, misadventures in animal husbandry, and feces from every species.”

The Dirty Jobs creator and host of the show since its inception in 2003 went on to thank his crew for the work they have done over the years. He also commended the show for staying exactly how it has always been, adding:

“The last episode looked pretty much like the first. We didn’t become something we weren’t. We never shared the sewer with Paris Hilton, and we never invited you to ‘tune in next week for a very special Dirty Jobs.’ “

Despite the announcement that Dirty Jobs is canceled, Mike Rowe was upbeat at the end of his letter, adding that, “as for me, good things are in the works.”

Were you surprised that the Discovery Channel has canceled Dirty Jobs?

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2 Responses to “‘Dirty Jobs’ Canceled By Discovery Channel”

  1. Paul Jones

    No, the cancelation of "Dirty Jobs" by the Discovery channel after their cancelation of "American Chopper" does not in the least surprise me. Sometymes, on this channel they show only trash, now I expect to see trash on this channel all-the-tyme. Discovery channel has lost me as a viewer, for life…

  2. Joe Bishop

    Man what's wrong with Discovery Channel. Cancalling everything lately. have you guys been watching the rateings or something. First you cancel Amearican Chopper, then Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs. if you guys keep Canceling Good shows like that, your going to loose alot of people whatching your network and your going to loose your jobs. And not have a job at all. Its a shame that you guys just spit them out like that and now we cant watch the two shows anymore. and we all seen all the reruns anyways.

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