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This woman votes

Language warning: This women votes.

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9 Responses to “This woman votes”

  1. Austin

    That makes me sad for my country and I wonder where these people live? I'm from Tennessee and it takes a lot of searching to find one of these gems.

  2. Pat Smith


    Drive an hour or two out of any major city in this country and you'll run smack into people just like this. Doesn't matter where you are.

  3. duane

    Squuuuuuuuuueeeeellllllll like a pig, boy.

    This woman gives kissin' cousins in the Ozarks a bad name. she is downright d u m dumb.

  4. Joyce

    Notice the guy sitting behind her? He keeps trying to hide from the camera. Must be wanted for child molestation.

    I live in Tennessee too and I can tell you this…people like her are all over this state unfortunately. At first, I thought it was my neighbors. Scary stuff.

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