Justin Bieber's Brazil Vandalism Case Reopens, Will Ongoing Argentina Case Affect It

Justin Bieber’s Brazil Vandalism Case Reopens Amid Ongoing Argentina Case

Will Justin Bieber’s Brazil stop on his “Purpose World Tour” bring an unwelcome legal matter back on the pop icon’s radar once more?

That question comes after a judge in Brazil has reportedly granted a state prosecutor’s request to reopen a criminal vandalism case against Bieber which stems back to an event involving graffiti in 2013.

According to the pop prince’s itinerary, he is set to perform in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro on March 29 and São Paulo on April 1.

Some context: During Justin’s “Believe Tour” stop in Rio in 2013, the then 19-year-old was given permission from the city to graffiti a wall in the neighborhood of Vidigal.

However, as revealed at the time, Justin and a group of his friends decided to spray paint what they thought was an abandoned building in another area, reportedly because the superstar was advised that the Vidigal location was too dangerous.

As it turned out, the building — the Gran Meliá Nacional Rio de Janeiro Hotel in the São Conrado area of Rio — is protected by the Brazilian government because it was designed by the famed architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Justin and his friends’ spray painting on the protected building led to the singer being officially charged with vandalism against the city order and cultural heritage on November 8, 2013.

The charges followed a “three-day testimony and hearing” including the “photographers who snapped him during the act, police officers, Justin’s security guards” and more, as E! News then reported.

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Back in 2013, the Brazilian court decided the megastar wouldn’t be arrested but would be fined. At the time, the judge said it would take 30 days to work out the cost of the fine.

It’s reported that the case was suspended back in 2015 so that the statute of limitations wouldn’t expire.

Fast forward to now. The bizarre reopening of the criminal vandalism case days before Bieber and his stadium sold-out “Purpose World Tour” arrives in Brazil seems synchronous.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising some Justin Bieber fans may be concerned over the reception the singer may receive in Brazil next week.

The legal developments in Brazil aren’t the only issues for the heartthrob in South America.

Last December, it was reported that a judge in Argentina indicted the pop superstar in absentia for allegedly directing his security to rough up a paparazzo during a tour stop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on his “Believe Tour” in 2013, as reported first by TMZ.

The indictment follows at least two missed dates for Bieber to appear at a deposition. Hugo Hesny, one of the “Sorry” singer’s former bodyguards, is also named in the case as a defendant.

The celebrity-centric site went on to reveal the Biebs can’t return to Argentina until the alleged assault case is resolved, as he would be arrested.

Earlier in 2016, Team Bieber revealed Argentina wouldn’t be on the “Purpose Tour” itinerary because of the ongoing case.

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Meanwhile, after a somewhat fraught Australia tour leg, Bieber’s visit to New Zealand, where he performed, seemed to be much more fun.

His stay in Queenstown and trips to Arrowtown with friends, including spiritual guide Pastor Carl Lentz, saw the singer take a powerboat ride, get new tattoos, go shirtless in a bar, dance sweetly with an elderly lady, and a daring bungee jump.

Following a successful “Purpose World Tour” concert in Chile, the 23-year-old singer is currently in New Jersey, ahead of resuming his global trek in Brazil.

Will Justin Bieber be served papers, arrested, or required to appear in court to answer to the charges in the reopened criminal vandalism case against him once he arrives in Brazil next week? That’s the big question.

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