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Romney Hits Disneyland After Loss, Hangs With Grandkids

romney at disneyland

Mitt Romney’s Disneyland trip may be helping to soothe the failed GOP candidate’s feeling after his stunning loss earlier this month, as several Twitter users were abuzz at seeing the politician shaking off his defeat at the California park yesterday.

Romney at Disneyland of course will prompt comments that people traditionally pledge a voyage to the “Happiest Place On Earth” after a high-profile victory, which has led to the old cliche of adding “I’m going to Disneyland!” after a big public win.

Romney at Disneyland and the news’ handling is also a marked departure from coverage just a month earlier — while in late October, Mitt was campaigning like a beast trying to earn all the possible votes he could, and garnering massive press interest in his every move.

Now Romney’s Disneyland trip seems to be the first real grassroots interest the candidate has managed to drum up in his activities, as the story mainly came to light through park goers who spotted the Republican in the wild, ostensibly trying to put the election out of his mind just two weeks after it happened.

Romney’s Disneyland sighting is the second time in two days the former candidate has been sighted by regular Joes instead of press — just yesterday, a candid and unauthorized shot of a disheveled and frustrated looking Mitt Romney pumping gas was circulating on Reddit.

Well, mystery solved on that front as well — Romney wasn’t peevish about his loss, he probably just had a Suburban full of kids bouncing around in pre-Disneyland excitement and the break from the car was his only three minutes of silence before the voyage resumed.

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30 Responses to “Romney Hits Disneyland After Loss, Hangs With Grandkids”

  1. Bonnie Miner

    why do you call it a "stunning" loss? All you had to read is websites like fivethirtyeight and it would not have come as any surprise that Obama won…

  2. Bonnie Miner

    Actually, as long as he won't be moving into the White House in January, I do not care what he is doing!

  3. Dennis Fereoles

    Couple of days ago getting gas for his car somewhere in la jolla now he's in disneyland with grandkids. Pretty normal to me.

  4. Anonymous

    Good for him. He has several grandchildren and I'm sure they had a great time at Disneyland. I wish him the best.

  5. Cheri Duncan

    STOP with hateful comments already! Is your life so miserable that you need to berate constantly? Gov Romney is out with his wife and grandkids at Disneyland. Leave them alone!

  6. Poogey Hash

    They said he looked frustrated at the gas station.Probably because someone had to show him how the pump worked, lol.Now he's out at Disney, so we can point and laugh.He's going to be like Palin and get in front of any camera he can now.What a loser.

  7. Poogey Hash

    He was stunned.Even his own state didn't vote for him,lol.The idiot bragged that he only wrote a victory speech.Someone else wrote the concession speech as he was trying to read Ohio's votes.

  8. Carroll D Hanks

    Don R. Mueller – well Bill served as one of our best presidents for EIGHT years and Ted as Senator for FORTY SEVEN YEARS – what's your claim to fame?

  9. Carroll D Hanks

    Dummy Don, well Bill served as one of our best presidents for EIGHT years and Ted as Senator for FORTY SEVEN YEARS – what's your claim to fame?

  10. Richard Pastor

    LOL Romney really must of thought he could win… Who was lying to him? After calling Americans stupid and laZy and flip flopping all over the place that's where he belongs in a wonderland… 😉

  11. Ted Reisner

    Between rides, Mitt was filling out a job application. Where it asks why he wanted to work at Disneyland, Mitt put down "So he could relate to how the other half lived".

  12. Anonymous

    The big question is did Mitt wait in the long lines with the "47%" while at Disneyland? I think not.

  13. Sarah Page

    After all the voter fraud , "promises",…seems as tho there is a lot of Lazy, stupid people in America…would rather sit on their A** and have it handed to them….Gonna run out for them…Whatch gonna do then??????

  14. Don R. Mueller

    Hey Mr. Clean, I have the following reply for you: Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun. (By the way, I don't actually have a gun.) As far as Bubba Clinton is concerned, hopefully for him, the bodies are buried deep enough. My claim to fame (aside from being a physics professor) is that I'm not a phony like your two political heroes. Clearly a respectable stance in this day and age of liars, cheats and other such assorted low-lifes. Enjoy.

  15. R Hugh Sirius

    Richard Pastor It's you're, not your. Speaking of idiots, why don't you look into the mirror. And stop labeling people as racists every time someone has a disagreement with one of your boys.

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