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April The Giraffe Gets New Toys Again, Watch Animal Adventure Park Live Cam

It’s Wednesday, March 22, 2017, and April the giraffe is still an Internet sensation. She’s also still pregnant. As millions tune in to watch the live giraffe cam that streams from the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) in Harpursville, New York, hoping to watch her give birth online, many have become familiar with April’s temperament and personality. Yesterday, April and Oliver received new enrichment items. Fans of the live cam tuned in to watch as they played. Unfortunately, the experience was short-lived as Oliver promptly broke his new enrichment feeder. During the March 21 evening update, the AAP announced another round of new enrichment items and toys would be established in the giraffe barn for April and Oliver. You can tune into the live giraffe cam at approximately 9:30 a.m. ET to watch as the toys are introduced to the giraffes. You can watch the live giraffe cam streaming from the Animal Adventure Park in the video player below.

The March 21 evening update included a beautiful photo of Allysa Krystyna nuzzling her face against April the giraffe. One aspect of the Animal Adventure Park staff that might have contributed to its viral success is that April is often extremely affectionate with Allysa. AAP staff have repeatedly stated that April’s behavior with staff keepers differs from Oliver’s. Even though April is approximately 15 feet tall, she lets Allysa rub her belly, nuzzle against her, and poses for photos. We’re just now beginning to see a bit of an agitation of sorts with April and considering she’s at the end of her pregnancy, that’s a bit surprising. Oliver is the giraffe who staff must take extra precautions with. April’s relationship with Allysa is amazing to watch and not something you tend to see when watching other live giraffe cams and videos. There are other zoos and parks that live stream giraffes, but to date, none feature a giraffe so willing to be nuzzled on cam.

The Animal Adventure Park began with Facebook live videos showing the giraffe stall and announcing the preparations the zoo was making for the upcoming birth. Then they set up a live feed direct from April’s stall on YouTube along with chat. After media reports and word of mouth, interest grew and news of April began to spread. In the early part of February, the YouTube feed included a live chat box. It was common to type a question in the chat box and speak directly to AAP staff who were more than available to answer questions. Approximately one month later and everything has changed. The Animal Adventure Park YouTube chats are so popular that it’s difficult to read questions and answers. They comments fly with blazing speed and it’s hard to keep track of anything. Eventually, the AAP took down the chat sessions due to spam and inappropriate comments. Now they are held several times a week as time allows.

Those who want to follow and communicate with the Animal Adventure Park staff are advised to do so through Facebook. The option to message staff has been removed and they request people not send tons of email to their official address. The Animal Adventure Park is not only live streaming April and preparing for the upcoming birth of her calf, but they are also getting the park ready to open on May 13, 2017. While people enjoy watching April the giraffe live online, it’s important to remember that the AAP is a business and they have a lot of work to do. It’s best to follow the latest updates and news as announced and interact with staff through the Facebook posts comments section. If you love April and Oliver and are a fan of the live giraffe cam, you might be interested in these free giraffe coloring pictures that are a beautiful tribute to April and Oliver.

You may read the March 21, 2017, evening update where it was learned that Oliver broke his newly installed enrichment toys, and a new round would be introduced on Wednesday morning below.

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