Facebook Live Gang Rape In Chicago: 15-Year-Old Victim Found, 40 Viewers Bashed

Facebook Live Gang Rape In Chicago: 15-Year-Old Victim Found, 40 Viewers Bashed

A 15-year-old girl has been found alive after being beaten and raped, with the sexual assault being streamed on Facebook Live. The girl went missing from Chicago’s West Side but has already been found. The Facebook Live video has been removed, and Chicago authorities are investigating to determine the identity of the boys seen raping the teen in the Facebook Live video. As seen in the photo above, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is shown, a man who was “visibly upset” in the wake of watching the Facebook Live video. One very upsetting aspect of the Facebook Live video, in addition to the horrific sexual assault actions contained therein, was the fact that approximately 40 people watched the Facebook Live video with none of them calling the police to help the girl. Accord to a police spokesperson, the Facebook Live video was viewed by “40 or so live viewers and no one thought to call authorities.”

As reported by ABC 7, the 15-year-old had been beaten, abused, and sexually abused — with the actions shown on Facebook Live. After 10th District authorities found the teen, she was given back to her mom. The Lake Tech High School student had been missing since Sunday afternoon and had gained plenty of attention once the horrific nature of the Facebook Live video made the news.

A family member said that the teenager did not deserve the treatment she received as displayed in the Facebook Live video. Reginald King, a relative of the victim, said that no detractors claiming that the 15-year-old may have deserved such treatment due to being a chronic runaway or whatever negative terms people might want to call her are correct. Instead, the victim now has the support of her family to help her get through such a painful experience.

The teenager hails from Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood, and police discovered her late Tuesday morning, without detailing how authorities were able to locate the victim. Whether or not they used the Facebook Live video to track down the location of the victim remains to be seen, but the teenager is being evaluated by doctors.

News about and reactions to the Facebook Live video are flowing into social media, even though it has been removed from Facebook. The backlash over the fact that dozens of people watched the Facebook Live video without allegedly figuring out some kind of way to contact authorities, even anonymously, to get the 15-year-old girl some help is picking up speed online.

The Facebook Live video of the rape and assault comes in the wake of another video that was streamed live on Facebook in Chicago back in January. In that video, a mentally disabled man was assaulted and eventually four people were arrested as a result of the viral video.

Reactions to the news about the Facebook Live video rape in Chicago can be read in comments below from social media.

Maurice Ash wrote:We are just as much to blame when we see crime happening in front of us and say nothing. We’re raising these kids, they live in your house. You protect their #terrorist acts against our people. We protest police brutality, but turn a blind eye to senseless violence like this. #Dallas is no exception. #DallasShooting. A Chicago girl, 15, was apparently gang-raped by five or six men or boys on Facebook Live, and none of the roughly 40 people who watched the live video reported it to police, authorities said.”

Jim Handly wrote:This is one of the most disturbing and frankly disgusting stories I’ve ever read on Facebook and involves Facebook Live and a horrendous crime.”

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