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Jon Gruden Rumors Culminate In A Capella Songs, Fake Movie Trailers [Video]

jon gruden

Jon Gruden is going to be the next coach of the Tennessee Vols! Or maybe the New York Jets! Or maybe the Arkansas Razorbacks! At this point, it’s hard to tell what Jon Gruden rumors to believe but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit back and enjoy the frenzy.

Saying that Gruden is going to end up in Tennessee or Arkansas or anywhere else is a little premature at the moment. Gruden is currently gainfully employed at ESPN. Rumors are circulating that the former coach is going to leave his position on Monday Night Football to head back to the sidelines but nothing is official yet.

According to Pro Football Talk, a portion of a discussion on ESPN was edited out this week because it stated that Gruden would soon be leaving the network.

In the edited out segment, Peter King of Sports Illustrated said:

“I think at some point Jon Gruden definitely will go back to a sideline. I think your bosses at ESPN would be miffed, to put it mildly, if that happened this year, for a very simple reason: They dumped Jaws out of the booth to give the booth totally to Gruden.”

Bleacher Report notes that the Razorbacks have already made Gruden an offer and the Tennessee Vols, who recently fired head coach Derek Dooley, are interested in bringing Gruden back to Tennessee.

The Jon Gruden rumors have also inspired a few fans to make videos for their potential coach.

Here’ s a group of kids at Arkansas attempting to serenade Gruden into taking the coaching job with the Razorbacks.

Tennessee fans created this fake movie trailer about Jon Gruden’s triumphant return to the Vols.

What do you think of the Jon Gruden rumors? Do you think he’ll leave Monday Night Football?

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55 Responses to “Jon Gruden Rumors Culminate In A Capella Songs, Fake Movie Trailers [Video]”

  1. Tim Orr

    Hey Gruden. come back to California and bring the Golden Bears back up to where they should be!

  2. Gary Johnson

    I would like to see him go anywhere and get him off the TV. He talks way to much.

  3. Madison Kuhno

    please jon, just come back home. we miss and still love you here the nation.

  4. Anonymous

    If only he could get back as the Oakland Raiders coach. He was the best they have had in many years, but had problems with Al Davis.

  5. Wendy Cameron

    Hey Dan Evon your article states:
    "Here’ s a group of kids at Arizona attempting to serenade Gruden into taking the coaching job with the Razorbacks."
    The Razorbacks are ARKANSAS not Arizona!

  6. Doug Curlee

    I r
    eally don't see gruden going to the college ranks..i can, however, easily see him as the next coach of the san diego chargers..

  7. Anonymous

    We'll take him here in Dallas .. WE need that kinda Coach .. If only Jethro would leave him alone and let him Coach … although i don't see that happening

  8. David Tobys

    The guy is an absolute football genius. Wherever he goes, success will be sure to follow. But u could tell, he still has some coaching left in him.

  9. Bill Lonsinger

    He could end up back home in Philadelphia. Andy Reid is going to end up in San Diego next year.

  10. Michael Wilson


  11. Bill Haynes

    Chucky knows the only sideline he should be prowlin` on. The Only True, Often Imitated, Never Duplicated NATION.
    Jon, we have your spot still waiting for you to come on home.

  12. Noah Christine Neil Saavedra

    Larry Hepner Obama is already seen as the worst pres ever….just a fixed election proves that even more…He's a POS and his followers are even bigger dipshits.

  13. Anonymous

    Wow sign these guys up for Voice or American Idol or Monday Night Football commercials…they rock.

  14. Doug Harrington

    great job on the song! however, it's not a cappella if there is instrumental accompaniment. duh!

  15. Anonymous

    Or as big as the hole in Mitt Romney's head, or as big as Karl Rove and the whole GOP are cowards, or as big as Sean Hannity's womb, or as large as the cock Rush Limbaugh takes up the ass, or as big as Ann Coulter is a Gunch, or as big as Obama's johnson that's in your gullet!

  16. Anonymous

    Larry Hepner I can say this for sure even before it's said and done, you are a dense, ignorant of facts, typical right wing, 10 second sex is marathon sex, stupid hick. Can you do any more tricks?

  17. Anonymous

    Jerry Markey you are correct, it's the lame ignorant of facts red state hypocrite morons that are the problem with this county. Obama's first term was a constant obstruction by the GOP for reasons they won't admit. Mitch McConnell, the coward from Kentucky" claimed a month or two after the inauguration that the focus of his coward party would be to make sure Obama is a one term President. Great patriot there you pussy of a little troll. Even with this, even with 5 blue dog congresspeople, even with filibusters that have not been seen since prior 1945 Obama made historic and progressive policies. It was historic, the second term he can take the gloves off, and with the pick up of two Senate seats the Dems hold much more power than the first term. Neither party is perfect however Mitt Romney is a moron, a egotistical, draft dodging, vulture of a pathetic sot and would have been a puppet for another Bush type administration. You could say that if you were independent a vote for Obama was the lessor of two evils, I happen to think the guy has a genuine love of Country and cares about the middle class and poor. Much more so than any GOP you can bring up since Nixon. You redneck FOX watching, shit for brains, piss sponges are so damn stupid and understand none of the issues and don't even understand your party is falling apart, the USA is moving into the future. This so called establishment that the coward Bill O'Reilly so egotistically and social segregation-ally is dwindling and their ideas are out of step, It's a my way or highway mentality coupled with after I get mine and then some, you can have yours isn't cutting it. You saw it in the election by an electoral mandate and a clear popular vote choice. Really people like Larry Hepner love spewing bullshit because that's all they take in the sponge of a brain they have and then probably go shovel it after the insertion of stupidity he got via Fox or that fat useless coward and hypocrite Limbaugh, or that rail thin, adams apple owing, man hater and gunch Ann Coulter. So keep up the great work Larry, stay informed and we'll see if Obama is the worse CIC ever. The fact that you witnessed 8 years of Bush and can say that shows how damn ignorant you really are, that's a no brainer.

  18. Tom Jalass

    How many posts' before someone blames Obama? I stubbed my toe getting out of bed this morning, ahh it's Obama's, fault.

  19. Ryan Steakley

    I thought the serenade was GREAT! Great song, not too bad harmony w/ very deep lyrics! And please don't get me wrong, I'd love to see "Chucky" in the SEC, he would only add to College Football. But boys, as long as we (Alabama) have Nick Saban, your not going to win! In the SEC West, a Nick Saban coached team has never lost to Arkansas. But I admire the video. Roll Tide!

  20. Marty Rosenstock

    Jerry, you're a jerk if you think Obama isn't terrible !!

    Larry, AMEN !!!

  21. Byron DeWitt

    Jerry Markey what country do you live in? Wait until taxes and unemployment go way up next year with his new plan. He said it is price we all have to pay to fix deficit. The one he created. Then we can go back to 4 yrs ago. Just broke this time.

  22. Jim Kuzilik

    He would be King of Arkansas, Razorbacks are the only game in town. It is our Pro team, it is all we got. He would be King I'm telling ya, King. But he's gotta be faithful to our state, fans, players, and his wife too.

  23. Pj Connolly

    A cappella means WITHOUT music. This is NOT an a cappella song. You want good a cappella? try "The Bobs."

  24. Pj Connolly

    Worse than the Bush-Wipe? Worse than Millard Fillmore? Really? Sour grapes much? Yo @
    Larry Hepner…Glenn Beck called. He wants his tinfoil hat back.

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