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Near Riot At Newark Meeting After Mayor Cory Booker’s Controversial Political Ploy

near riot newark meeting cory booker

A near riot at a Newark city meeting last night was quelled, barely, after Mayor Cory Booker attempted a controversial political maneuver to the frustration of many residents.

The near riot at the Newark meeting was due to a “political maneuver” on the part of Booker to block the appointment of John Sharpe James, a former mayor’s son, to fill the vacant council seat of Rep. Donald Payne.

No one can accuse the good citizens of Newark of lack of political concern or involvement, as evidenced by the near-riot at the nighttime meeting. Booker, who is perceived on the national stage as being somewhat a champion of egalitarian values, made what was described as an “unprecedented personal appearance” to cast a vote and move Shanique Davis Speight into the seat the rioters wanted for John Sharpe James — who has also been a vocal opponent of Booker.

Councilman Darrin Sharif blasted Booker after the near-riot for his alleged hypocrisy, saying:

“This truly was an out-of-body experience … The mayor, who goes all around the country to talk about democracy … literally in the back of the room, hiding in the shadows.”

Angry meeting attendees were reportedly sprayed with pepper spray to stave off the near-riot at the Newark meeting, though describes a hairy scene before the crowd was dispersed:

“But when Speight was escorted by police to be sworn in, a group of residents, led by SEIU Local 617 President Rahaman Muhammad, stormed the dais and appeared to lunge toward Speight and her grade-school-age son.”

Muhammad was charged, per the site, with “assaulting Marasco and Speight, resisting arrest and inciting a riot.” The use of pepper spray during the near-riot at the Newark meeting by a city police officer will be reviewed in the aftermath of the political fracas.

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11 Responses to “Near Riot At Newark Meeting After Mayor Cory Booker’s Controversial Political Ploy”

  1. Kenneth Schortgen Jr

    And Yahoo and other faux media sites thought YESTERDAY this clown should be the next governor.

    Booker… showing New Jersey illiteracy and corruption for all the country to laugh at.

  2. Anonymous

    " led by SEIU Local 617 President Rahaman Muhammad" The only thing the SEIU are good for is thuggery, and they outsource that also!

  3. Gabrielle Cynique

    Did we read the same article? Booker tried to stop the appointment of the son of former mayor Sharpe James to a vacant council seat. Sharpe James was recently released from prison after spending 18 months in a Federal penitentiary after trying to sell city real estate to his mistress, who was then to resell the property for a profit. James supporters then stormed the stage and tried to attack a child.

    And somehow this casts Mayor Booker in a bad light?

  4. Pat Donnelly

    anyone who advocates a Democracy for this country is a traitor…the people should have known this earlier…if the people were learned..they would know that the United states is a Republic,,, not a Democracy..and if u others do not know the difference your as bad as the rest..

  5. John McTeague

    BOOORING! Yahoo- NOTHING caught on video so youu give us 8 minutes of NOTHING? why bother with video? WASTE OF MY TIME! again

  6. Scott Orr

    Your pomposity compels me to point out your spelling sucks. It's "you're" not "your". Any other facts not relevant to the story you want to debate?

  7. Jason James Rubadeau

    Wait..Liberals hate those that thi k for themselves.? So what your saying is the Fox-watching, beleive-anything-that-Rush-says lower income Republicans are the "free thinkers" Dumbest post I've read all week. Jeez I wish you folks would stay in your damn trailer parks..

  8. RJ Madison

    Can anybody think of 1 single city controlled by democrats that isn't drug and crime ridden? Just one?

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