Jay Cutler looks to throw against the Houston Texans' pass rush.

Jay Cutler Not In Houston Texans Plans, Wife Kristin Cavallari To Miss Chicago

Jay Cutler is an NFL quarterback without a home. As Jay Cutler considers life after the Chicago Bears, his wife, Hollywood starlet Kristin Cavallari, will reportedly miss their last home. The adjustment from being away from football might be something that Jay Cutler has to ponder.

A double dose of NFL news which happened simultaneously has affected Jay Cutler’s market in the worst way. First came Marc Sessler’s report of the New York Jets signing (courtesy of NFL.com) Josh McCown to a one-year deal.

The Jets were regarded as a possible destination for Cutler. To many NFL observers, Cutler seemed to be a solid fit for the Jets. It is a team which has a little bit of talent on the offensive side of the football. The Jets’ defense was not as stout last season as it was in the past. Much of that was a result of injuries and ineffectiveness.

With some improved play from the quarterback position, the New York Jets would have been in contention for a wild card spot last season. Not to suggest that Jay Cutler would have put the Jets in a better spot, but the majority of his resume consists of his time with the Chicago Bears. No one knows for sure if his career inconsistencies are a result of playing for incomplete Bears’ teams in past years.

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari
Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari reportedly will miss being in Chicago. [Image by Jeff Schear/Getty Images]

Another team with a quarterback vacancy are the Houston Texans. Unlike the Jets, the Texans are a consistent playoff team. The Texans are a quarterback away from being a legitimate Super Bowl contender. An adequate Jay Cutler could help them get to where they want to be. There are rumblings that the Texans do not view things the same way.

Bleacher Report is stating that the Houston Texans are not interested in Jay Cutler. The story is citing the findings of NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport. Much of this could be due to the fact that the Texans are holding out for hope that Dallas Cowboys’ QB Tony Romo gets released.

Romo is regarded as an upgrade over Cutler. This is despite the three-year age difference between the two and Romo’s recent injury history.

What will delay that is the Cowboys’ desire to get some compensation for Tony Romo. The longer that situation drags out, teams may get antsy and look elsewhere. As it currently stands, Jay Cutler is not in the plans for the Houston Texans.

If neither of the two teams that come across as ideal fits has little to no interest in Jay Cutler, what does that say about the options for the former Bears’ passer?

The Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals could be possible landing spots for Jay Cutler. Another team which could have some interest in Cutler are the Washington Redskins. The latter will depend on what happens with Kirk Cousins.

So we're moving from Chicago soon and I gotta say, I'm really gonna miss this place. Not only we're all 3 of my babies born here, it's where it all began with jay, it brought me closer to my mom who has become my best friend, I've made some amazing girlfriends, and I've really enjoyed being back here (a lot of people don't know I lived here when I was younger). Thanks for all the good times, Chicago. This will always be a special place for us ❤️

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Pro Football Talk has reported that Cousins wants a trade. If the Redskins oblige him, that could open the door for the team to ponder adding Jay Cutler.

Would Kristin Cavallari be comfortable if Jay Cutler were to move their family to a place besides her preferred residence of Nashville, Tennessee? According to Entertainment Tonight, the Cutler and Cavallari family and are leaving Chicago, a city she openly admits that they will miss.

It seems to be a given that the city of Chicago will miss Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari once time passes. That is if the city does not already miss them now.

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