April The Giraffe Updates: Giraffe Cam Enrichment Items, April's Belly Growing

April The Giraffe Updates: Giraffe Cam Enrichment Items, April’s Belly Growing

Although the latest April the Giraffe updates show that the internet’s favorite 15-year-old female giraffe has yet to go into labor, the Animal Adventure Park did confirm that new “enrichment items” are coming for the zoo’s extremely popular live giraffe cam. And with a new week having just started and April’s belly really having grown in the past week, people are still wondering when April will give birth to her fourth calf.

Last night’s April the Giraffe update from the AAP Facebook page was an interesting one, as it didn’t come from Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch as it usually does, but rather from the zoo’s veterinarian, Dr. Tim. According to the doctor, April remains happy and healthy, but much to the disappointment of giraffe cam viewers eagerly waiting for her to give birth, the animal is “still not in labor,” with no definitive way to predict when April will be giving birth.

“Predicting these things is next to impossible, so I go by physical and behavioral changes that the staff and I observe each day. In theory, that helps us kind of hone in on a window where she could go into labor… unlike a dog, cat, human, horse, cow, goat, etc there simply isn’t enough consistent data to say tomorrow she’ll go into labor.”

Dr. Tim also observed that April the Giraffe’s behavior had been “a little off” as of late, as she was a bit slow to run over to “kiss the camera for carrots” after he visited her pen. And while that may have caused some concern for giraffe cam viewers, the Animal Adventure Park’s April the Giraffe update also promised the arrival of new “enrichment items” that viewers will be able to see from camera view, namely a bumper and a puzzle feeder. The items will be installed at around 10 a.m. EST today, so you may want to check out the live feed later on to get an up-close look at the installation of these items.

Tuesday morning’s April the Giraffe update suggests that there haven’t been too many changes since last night, but the Animal Adventure Park has encouraged viewers to take a look at the big picture, as April’s belly has become considerably larger over the past week. AAP offered some hope by saying that things may already be coming down to the home stretch, though once again, it’s still impossible to accurately predict when April may be giving birth.

AAP also offered a further update on the “enrichment items” promised in the previous night’s Facebook post.

“This morning around 10 am – we will be moving enrichment items into camera view for our guests to see some of the activity that keeps our giraffes’ interest. We replaced older items thank to your contributions! Boat Buoys and bumpers are not inexpensive!”

With that in mind, the Animal Adventure Park shared another quick fact on giraffes and their “curious nature,” which manifests whenever something changes in their space. The new enrichment items, which will, just as scheduled, be viewable on the giraffe cam at around 10 a.m., will be monitored to make sure that they are indeed “giraffe proof” and safe.

That all said, we can’t blame you if you’re getting antsy with the rest of the world as the Animal Adventure Park waits for April to give birth. Will it take place in the coming days, or maybe next week as a less optimistic scenario? According to one Facebook commenter, an April Fools’ Day birth just might be perfect for AAP’s famous giraffe.

“Will be perfect if she holds out til April 1st as you’ve mentioned before.”

Are you eager to see April give birth, and when do you think this extraordinary event is going to take place? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to stay tuned as the Inquisitr constantly provides you with those April the Giraffe updates as they arrive.

[Featured Image by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images]