WWE star Paige caught in the middle of sex tape scandal

Paige Sex Video Leak: Two WWE Stars React They Could Be Next

Last week, WWE NXT Women’s champion Paige shook the wrestling world when her sex videos and explicit photos were leaked into the Internet. The videos also involved two other wrestlers, Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods, which only added to the controversy. A few days later, rumors already begun that more WWE superstars are next to have their sex videos and explicit photos leaked after Paige.

With a lot of nude photos getting leaked on the web – and not just WWE superstars like Paige but even Hollywood actresses Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried – WWE stars Big E and Summer Rae took to Twitter to answer the rumors that their private photos and videos have already been leaked online.

This Sunday, Summer Rae took to Twitter saying that people should not always believe what they see on the Internet – a clear message directed to gossip rags and other rumors swirling that her private photos, much like Paige, has been leaked. Since then, Summer Rae has been denying rumors of her explicit photos going online especially after her Twitter feed exploded once more with screenshots of her alleged sex video.

WWE star Summer Rae answers sex tape rumors
Following the sex tape scandal of Paige, Summer Rae answered rumors that she’s next. [Image by WWE]

Later on, the video was confirmed to be false with Summer Rae’s image photoshopped to look real, just not too real for scrutiny. Sportskeeda noted that aside from Summer Rae, other WWE superstars were also targeted for a sex scandal. Former WWE superstars Maria Kanellis and Kaitlyn were rumored to have their private photos leaked online, but none of the photos has been seen so far. Alexa Bliss also had her alleged explicit photos leaked, but the images turned out to be photoshopped as well. WWE stars Maryse and Victoria were also named to follow right into the sex scandal.

Unlike Summer Rae who did it with a lot more courtesy to people having so much time and a lot of imagination, Big E’s comment over threats of his alleged sex tape was a “prayer” that nobody would want to happen or it will be downright painful for them, Cageside Seats reported. The sex tape rumors of other WWE stars happened after threats that the same person who stole Paige’s phone and leaked her videos would do the same to WWE superstars.

WWE star Big E answered rumors on alleged sex tape
WWE star Big E slams rumors over alleged sex tape. [Image by WWE]

As it turns out, the rumors of Big E and Summer Rae having their sex videos and photos leaked were just that – rumors. Now, the rumors of more sex scandals surrounding WWE stars look silly at the moment. It’s also a wrong move for gossipmongers to spread the news that Big E is next to suffer the same as Paige’s fate.

With Wrestlemania33 coming to a close, fans should be focused more on the event instead of getting the hype from WWE stars getting bombarded with controversies of sex videos or explicit photos leaked following the incident with Paige.

Right now Paige’s future with WWE is not yet certain, but she’s unlikely to be punished given that her phone was stolen and her videos and photos leaked without her consent. Other superstars in WWE remain in their stand that Paige, Xavier Woods, and Brad Maddox are all victims in this case despite Woods looking guilty on Monday Night Raw as The New Day stood backstage and did their best to talk about everything but the sex video leak.

[Featured Image by WWE]