Jennifer Eady's Facebook: Trump Has Arrested Wellington Immigrant At Mar-a-Lago?

Jennifer Eady’s Facebook: Trump Had Arrested Wellington Immigrant At Mar-a-Lago?

Jennifer Eady’s Facebook page is lighting up with attention, after Eady was revealed as one of the folks who got a surprise visit to Mar-a-Lago after President Trump spotted Jennifer and other Trump supporters on the side of the road cheering on his presidential motorcade and instructed his White House staff to bring Eady and others to Mar-a-Lago to meet Trump.

As seen in the below CNN video, titled “Trump supporters surprised in Mar-a-Lago,” Jennifer was very excited to learn that she would actually meet President Trump with others at Mar-a-Lago. On Facebook, Eady noted that they were served Trump Water at Mar-a-Lago, a bottle of Water that she said she would save till the end of her days. Steve Bannon was there, as seen on Jennifer’s Facebook page. Eady said in a radio interview that she’s a Christian and she had to stay out of trouble and couldn’t be a felon as part of the process when the German-born Jennifer went through the vetting process of becoming a U.S. citizen.

“He’s so accessible”

Eady praised how accessible Mr. Trump was to Trump fans like Jennifer.

As reported by the News-Press Staff, Eady was a 44-year-old in September 2016, when the publication published a report about Eady. The News-Press Staff noted that Jennifer hails from Wellington, a village located west of West Palm Beach in Palm Beach County, Florida. According to the publication, Eady emigrated to the U.S. 20 years ago from Germany, and in 2011, became a U.S. citizen.

WBALTV called the German-born U.S. citizen “a Trump super fan.” Jennifer found Trump’s previous speeches “captivating.”

According to the Sun Sentinel, a “Jennifer Eady” of Wellington was 43 years of age in May 2015, when Eady was arrested and the deputies accused her of making threats to an ex-boyfriend. In that case, Eady had been accused of harassment in exchange for payment not to expose his secrets. Ultimately, charges were not filed against Jennifer by the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office after prosecutors said the ex withdrew his complaint against Jennifer. The publication noted that the arrested woman works as a massage therapist. On LinkedIn, Eady lists herself as a therapist with plenty of credentials in massage therapy, such as a “National certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.”

With a birthdate of December 11, 1971, listed on Jennifer’s Facebook page, that means Mr. Trump’s “super fan” was indeed 44 years of age in September 2016, and 43 years of age in May 2015.

The description of the CNN video notes how Jennifer got a visit to Mar-a-Lago.

“A group of Trump supporters got to meet the President after he spotted them from his motorcade in Palm Beach, FL.”

Photos of Eady at Mar-a-Lago can be seen on her Facebook page.

The Facebook page of Eady called meeting President Trump “the greatest day ever,” after Mr. Trump saw the crowd standing with their signs and sent a van 20 minutes later to pick them up. Jennifer wrote that she was happy to meet President Trump and to talk about the “love he has for” Trump supporters. The name of the Facebook page has been changed as of this writing to “Jenny Jennifer Eady Trump.”

Jennifer Eady of Wellington [Image by The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office]

If indeed the Jennifer who is photo’d in the booking photo of plenty of publications, such as WPTV, is the same Eady photo’d in the photos with President Trump on Facebook and in news videos, Jennifer had plenty of commentary about individuals she believed should be arrested, and her feelings about politics.

Jennifery shared Donald Trump Is My President‘s post on August 5, 2016, and wrote the following on Facebook.

“TRUMP will ARREST OBUMMER AND HILLARY AND EVEN BILL CLINTON FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. And THAT is what this POS is scared of. Your day will come, Obama. Giving 400 Million in cash was a ransom and is now used for ISIS. Talk about incompetence!!!!”

More than one month later, Eady posted a question to her Facebook followers on September 8, 2016, about the possibility of having former President Barack Obama, former First Lady Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton, along with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrested.

“Question: When Mr. Trump is President can he a) fire Comey and Lynch along with the rest of the lying bunch at congress and b) would he have the authority as our 45. President to have Obama and his wife (?) Along with the Clinton’s arrested?”

In the meantime, Eady is receiving comments on Facebook about hitting the big time after meeting President Trump.

As seen in photos like those above and below from Jennifer’s Facebook page, Eady held a sign that read, “I am a legal German 4 Mr. Trump.”

As seen in the top photo above, President Trump waved at photographers after returning from Mar-a-Lago. Mr. Trump walked toward the White House from Marine One, on Sunday, March 19, in Washington. More information about Eady’s Facebook page has been archived.

[Featured Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]