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Russell Brand Interviews Westboro Baptist Church Members On His Show

Russell Brand Interviews Westboro Baptist Members On His Show

Russell Brand turned the tables on a couple of Westboro Baptist Church members who he invited to his show to share their anti-gay views.

The “church,” which is known for picketing funerals of soldiers and celebrities with its virulent anti-gay messages, sent two members to Russell Brand’s show, Brand X. As The Huffington Post noted, the decision to invite the members raised eyebrows, but Brand appeared to have the entire exchange planned out.

What transpired was a bit of a surprise. Russell Brand has gotten a reputation as a funnyman and a bit of a prankster, but he instead engaged the members in what Gawker described as “a surprisingly civil discussion of faith and interpretation.”

The civil discussion didn’t last the entire interview however. LGBT website Queertynoted that Brand’s Westboro Baptist Church guests were introduced to some of Brand’s “colorful” friends:

“After claiming that Madonna, Mahatma Gandhi and “definitely” Tom Hanks are going to hell, Drain and Phelps were introduced to three of Russell’s gay pals. It’s like you can see the clenching of Phelps and Drain’s rectums just from their faces. Then when Brand tries to cozy up to them, well … there were less awkward embraces between gay 90s sitcom characters.”

The exchange with the Westboro Baptist Church showed a different side to the multi-faceted Russell Brand. Just a few days before, his charitable side was on display when he stopped to help a homeless man pick up a cart that had been knocked over, part of a string of charitable acts he’s performed for the homeless.

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2 Responses to “Russell Brand Interviews Westboro Baptist Church Members On His Show”

  1. Cam Brunner

    The Westboro Baptist Church is not affiliated with any known Baptist convention or associations but is part of Phelps-Chartered Co., the Phelps family’s law firm. This is a family of lawyers using this “god hates you” thing to make money. It is time for this scam and the hate to end. They are NOT what they say they are! THEY ARE NOT A church, THIS IS A HATE GROUP!

  2. Steve Finley

    Brand's new show is occasionally frickin' brilliant. More than occasionally, actually. A little too vulgar at times, true, but the guy is smart as a whip and understands how to play it straight and relate to these people as human beings in a way that makes them say absolutely incredible things in front of a potentially hostile studio audience and a national TV audience. It really is something to see.

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