Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight gang up against Trump

When Snoop Dogg Had To Sleep With A Knife Because Of Suge Knight, The Trump Feud

Cordozar Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dogg is no stranger to controversy. Presently aged 45, he was at the peak of his musical career, one of the most popular gangster rappers in the world, selling over 23 million albums worldwide. Snoop Dogg’s career took off when he became a member of the highly controversial music label, Death Row Records, co-founded by Dr. Dre, Dick Griffey, The D.O.C. and Suge Knight.

Of course with the stable said to be filled with gang affiliated personalities, and the negative environment brought about by East Coast, West Coast hip-hop feuds, it was inevitable that Snoop Dogg would at some point be sucked into the drama. Snoop Dogg’s problems with his music label begun after he tried to make peace with East Coast rap artists, Puff Daddy and The Notorious B.I.G.

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He did this considering that he and Notorious B.I.G. were still friends when the feud with Tupac Shakur began. At one point, Snoop Dogg boldly asked the crowd at Madison Square Garden during one of the concerts, if they really didn’t have any love for him and Dr. Dre, stating, “The East Coast don’t got no love for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg?”. On why he did this, he offered the following statement during an interview with Sway.

“That was a political move to show that I was not afraid, but I know where I’m at. And I respect y’all cuz y’all respect me. Y’all love me, that’s the reason why we here…Despite what this man has said, y’all love us…Puffy was the big man. He could have turned the light on. If he turned the light on, it would’ve been lights out, trust me. He [took the high road]…The bigger man is the one who apologizes, the one that says, ‘I apologize, I’m sorry.’ Even if you not wrong. You take the high road. And that’s what Puffy showed you that night. He took the high road.”

Snoop Dogg’s rant at the concert didn’t go down well with Suge Knight and Tupac. Tupac Shakur reportedly asked Snoop Dogg where his allegiance lay after this, and Snoop’s answer was Biggie. What followed was an incident that made Snoop Dogg fear for his life. Apparently, Suge Knight prevented him from boarding their plane back to Los Angeles with his bodyguards, and Tupac who was also on-board avoided his conversations. The following was his revelation.

During the 38th Grammy Awards, 2Pac and Kiss presented the "Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals" award. Link in the bio to watch the clip.

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“When we got on the plane to go back on to LA the next day, Suge ain’t let none of my security ride with me. It was him, his homies, and Pac. And it was the most uncomfortable ride I ever had in my life because my ni**a ain’t say nothing to me. And that’s a five hour flight on a private plane…I went in the back, put a blanket on my head, knife in my hand, fork in my hand, and just slept the rest of the way. Cuz I felt like they were gonna try to do something…He [Tupac] went his way, I went my way. Next time I got a call: ‘Turn on the new, turn on the news!”

June 16, 1971 “I really believe in the divinity of legends. I believe that God chose Tupac and I believe that no human being can destroy his image, his legend, his life, his music or his work.” -Afeni Shakur-

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This is when Snoop got to know about the shooting that led to Tupac Shakur’s death. As a result, the two never got to mend fences. Below is the Snoop Dogg interview.

Presently, Snoop Dogg is involved in a feud with U.S. President Donald Trump, with his recent remix music video for “Lavender” causing lots of controversy. It featured a scene where a clown dressed as Donald Trump got executed.

There are presently differing views on whether Snoop Dogg may have crossed the line on this one. Meanwhile, Suge Knight is still in jail after allegedly mowing down two men with his Ford pickup truck.

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