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RFK Son Acquitted: Douglas Kennedy Not Guilty In NY Hospital Case

Douglas Kennedy Acquitted

RFK’s Son was acquitted on Tuesday on charges of child endangerment and harassment. Douglas Kennedy was charged with a January scuffle in a New York City maternity ward.

The incident occurred when Kennedy attempted to remove his newborn son from a Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco. At the time, Kennedy claimed and continues to maintain that he was trying to take his 2-day-old boy out of the hospital to get him some fresh air.

As he attempted to remove his son from the maternity ward, several nurses said it was against hospital policy and tried to stop his removal. Two nurses came forward after the incident, claiming that Douglas Kennedy attacked them and that he was unprovoked in his attack.

After hearing the case without a jury present, Mount Kisco Town Judge John Donahue ruled that Kennedy broke no laws and that the baby was never in danger. The judge found that any danger to the child would have been at the hands of the nurses’ actions.

In terms of taking the baby outside in New York City in January, the judge did not rule, stating:

“The Court is not determining whether the defendant’s behavior was wise or prudent.”

Following the case, lawyer Robert Gottlieb said the Kennedy’s are “thrilled that this nightmare has finally come to an end.”

The case got so far out of hand that the hospital issued a “code pink,” which signals a baby’s abduction from its care. Judge John Donahue said the nurses had no reason to issue the code pink since they knew the baby was going to return with his father.

Judge Donahue further blasted the nurses who realized charges would be brought and therefore began to “join together, get their stories straight and pressure the district attorney’s office to bring charges.”

The nurses have not yet commented on RFK’s son being acquitted.

In case you missed the original security footage from the incident, here it is:

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54 Responses to “RFK Son Acquitted: Douglas Kennedy Not Guilty In NY Hospital Case”

  1. Anonymous

    This is typical Kennedy gets away with wrongdoing crap. Judge must be a dem or maybe paid off.

  2. Darlene Thecolaratlady

    Good, about time hospital staff get chastised for the way they treat patients, their relatives, I'm sure the nurses did band together, trying to their stories straight, and for them to go against a kennedy…NOT WISE LOL, IT was HIS CHILD SO THE NURSES CAN GO F THEMSELVES. THIS IS JUSTICE FOR PPL LIKE ME AND OTHERS THAT HAVE BEEN VERBALLY, PHYSICALLY, SEXUALLY ASSUALTED BY HOSPITAL STAFF.

  3. Catherine Dorn

    darlene thecolaratlady- unless you have been in a nurses shoes with all the liability and responsibility and laws keep your mouth shut! our primary concern is for the safety of our patients, not the feelings of some asshole.

  4. Hal Hopkins

    Once again, the Kennedys get away with things that the rest of us won't. If he had been a regular citizen, he would have faced a jury!

  5. Marsha Hayes Walker

    Many newborns have been kidnapped from the hospital nurseries, so Doug Kennedy should have been nice and asked permission to take the baby outside. The nurses were doing their jobs protecting the child. If they refused permission, they would have a reason, so they were right, he was wrong. Several of the RFK kids have had behavioral problems; he appears to be one of them. He needs anger management and manners training so he can work with the hospital staff, not push them around.

  6. Anonymous

    Why did he think a two day old baby needed to get some "fresh air" in the first place. What RESPONSIBLE parent takes a newborn out of the hospital for such a STUPID reason.

  7. Karen Torrence

    The Kennedy's…the quintessential "Untouchables"; heck, his uncle got away with murder, why should this guy get in trouble over disregarding hospital policy? How dare the hospital question their authority to do whatever they want to do….

  8. Anonymous

    Recently had several hospital "experiences"…certain rules certain nurses,…what is perfectly ok or "we''ll let it go" one time is "call security " the next, especially if you run into a nurse who's having a "don't challenge my authority" day…
    Not defending…when they start getting physical, it's their hospital…give it up…

  9. Anonymous

    wonder how much that judge got, wish I had money and could do what I want jeez.

  10. Anonymous

    Hospital staff have come to think they are police officers or politicians this is the problem. Really. They have rights over others health and lives. This is a narcissistic situation. They are highly paid for service, they need not assume a government right over people's lives and civil rights. Medicine is a science not a command. What were those nurses thinking? They had more rights over the baby than his parent! Get real!

  11. Jeanne R Scholl

    Hospital staff always has to put up with rudeness, belittlement, and downright horrible treatment that no one deserves. As for Kennedy…well he is a Kennedy, and all town officials bow down to the "almighty" with money and prestige. Respect for the working class people is just about extinct. So sad.

  12. Dave Terry

    There are things you will never see in THIS lifetime; Bigfoot, The Lochnest Monster, and a Kennedy EVER being prosecuted by any court of law…..

  13. Anonymous

    Oh! Let me add the times I have been abused as a patient in a hospital by medical staff. PLENTY! Medical staff profit off of other people's misery like pimps. God forbid they should wake up tomorrow and nobody is sick! To take control of someone's child like they have more power than the parent is USUAL! cha ching cha ching.

  14. Hedy Eckert

    Wonder what that cost the Kennedy clan? Buckies I bet! No wonder Jackie Kennedy Onassis did not want her kids hanging around this group of cousins very much. Serious issues there.

  15. Elizabeth Klein

    Wait until there are no healthcare workers. The time is coming, believe me. Then you can care for yourself!! Spent 40 years caring for people like you. I am so crippled from arthritis I can hardly walk after all those years of lugging and pulling on helpless people like you.

  16. Richard O'Malley

    And justice for all. As usual, the wealthy and entitled get to do whatever they please and don't pay the consequences for their actions. Does anyone doubt that an average citizen would have been locked up?

  17. Michelle Onuorah

    I'm glad his ass got acquitted – Kennedy or no Kennedy. He may have been an idiot for taking his newborn out in the cold air but it is still HIS child. The nurses didn't have to take it to the level that they did and they really were endangering the baby by trying to physically coerce the father into obeying them.

  18. Anonymous

    The baby was in a womb for 9 months and then in a hospital area, so all of a sudden he needed fresh air? Let it be a regular person and he would have been found guilty.

  19. Betsy Hewey- Byerly

    I'm still in THIS lifetime and I watched a Kennedy go to prison for murder. He was just denied parole this year. Besides, they don't need to go to jail, they all get killed or die in accidents while still young.

  20. Betsy Hewey- Byerly

    Get a life people. I personally know a brother of one of the nurses. They were all hoping to sue in civil court and get paid for their "trauma". It was a BS case that never should have been prosecuted. I don't like the Kennedy's but I don't like wasting my tax dollars on a stupid case that never should have seen the light of day. Don't worry, he'll probablt die soon in an accident, an overdose, or be murdered. Now, go on with your lives.

  21. Betsy Hewey- Byerly

    You idiot, the defendant has the right to a Judge trial OR ajury trial. He chose the Judge so he wouldn't have emotional morons like these commenters sending him to jail because they are jealous of his family and social position. Call him smart!

  22. Chris Heaton

    Both parties in the wrong, but what gets me the most is DrDrew and the media outlets concern for newborns, when they clearly approve of killing the unborn how strange.

  23. Charles Poulnot

    Betsy Hewey- Byerly hey betsy, does premier banker mean you get a cut of the $387 BILLION of mexican drug cartel profits that wells fargo got caught laundering?

  24. Cheryl Hallenbeck

    Besty…He is NOT a Kennedy but a Skakel…nephew of Ethel Skakel Kennedy (her brother's son) who was married to RFK. Get facts straight before you comment.

  25. Cheryl Hallenbeck

    Stupid Besty…William Kennedy Smith was acquitted of rape in the 90s. Michael Skakel is in prison for the murder of Martha Moxley. He is a Skakel…nephew of Ethel Skakel Kennedy (widow of RFK). Please do yourself a favor…Educate thyself.

  26. John Harston

    I say good job Douglass! Nurses seem to go Hitler and rule with Iron fist! You give them a little authority and they exercise it harshly and over zealously.But then again if it had happened that you were a kidnapper those nurses would have been accountable, but since you were the father wanting to bond with your new son in the sunlight and fresh air WHO IS TO SAY NO MR KENNEDY YOU CANNOT BE WITH YOUR CHILD! I have read all the comments and this incident was blown completely out of proportion.and I DO NOT believe anyone was bought off! and incidentally I am a REPUBLICAN. It is no secret your family has been put through HELL for several decades and your family have had special treatment most of the time.I am talking of this incident concerning you and your new son.SPEND TIME WITH HIM HE WILL GROW UP FASTER THAN YOU THINK, GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR LIFE!

  27. Marilyn Monsalve

    I you or I did what RFK did…we'd already be spending our second Christmas in Rikers!

  28. Darlene Thecolaratlady

    answer to #1 yes i do, cant take the heat, get into another field, answer to #2 nope, no problem here except shitty healthcare which will get worse. answer to # 3, drs, nurses dont know everything, best thing in the world for me is to just see my own dr, do what he says plus common sense and IF the time comes to where i cant care for myself, i will get home healthcare where i have more control . plus the info on the net is amazing, sorry to say, but there are ppl within the industry that have no buisness in healthcare, no buisness around humans as a whole, you chose that profession, stayed, boohoo, thats the breaks, we are facing a healthcare meltdown as it is, ppl, learn to to take care of yourselves and if you get a bad nurse, bad aid etc, dont be afraid to complain, that is your right, and stay on them, alot of these ppl would make nazi dr mengela himself proud, they alot of times aggravate situations instead of helping a situation. so too bad whoever doesnt like it but it's true

  29. Anonymous



  30. Nickie Nichols Plumb

    I'm sure a lot! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I know it's a sad time too, but just think how proud Beth would be of you for taking care of her son and Steven! I miss all of you!

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