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Woman Found Dead In Home 5 Hours After 911 Call, Officials Investigate

Five hours after police came to check out a domestic violence case, the woman was found dead in her home.

The police department was called to a 44-year-old woman’s house a mere five hours before she was found dead. Upon arriving at the house, officers allegedly looked in the windows of the home, then drove away.

Loretta Rose Parea was found dead five hours later.

A neighbor called 911 twice after Loretta came to her door around 2 am Sunday. “She came pounding on my door. She was pounding like she was scared, like my windows were shaking. I knew something was wrong,” the neighbor said. When the neighbor came to the door, she saw Loretta’s husband “dragging her off the porch.”

The neighbor said they called police twice at 2:40 and 3:10 a.m. When officers finally did arrive, the neighbor said she saw an officer “looking in the window” of Loretta Parea’s home, then walk away.

“It is very frustrating,” the neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, said. “She did not deserve this. She did not deserve this at all.”

Loretta’s husband, 41-year-old Christopher Parea, is in police custody on charges of first-degree murder.

Denver’s police chief has launched an investigation into the case, stating that he has some concerns regarding how the domestic violence call was handled. Denver Police Chief Robert White has ordered an internal investigation to find out what actions the responding officers took and if they missed anything.Loretta's husband Christopher is being charged with first-degree murder.

“Exactly what actions they took to locate a potential victim is still to be determined as a result of the investigation I have ordered,” White said. “I will tell you I have some concerns as well as it relates to how long it took for the run to be dispatched and once the officers got there, their actions as it relates to their efforts to contact potential witnesses or victims.”

Loretta’s sister, Phyllis Rosa, said that she had just visited her sister that weekend to help decorate for the holidays.

“We still don’t know what happened,” Rosa said.

Loretta Parea “was a pure angel,” said her aunt Yvonne Fire. Loretta was the mother to three grown children, and two adopted children. “Anyone who knew her knew she showed love, gave her love and kindness from her heart to give to anybody. She had her angel wings here on earth, now she’s in heaven.”

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19 Responses to “Woman Found Dead In Home 5 Hours After 911 Call, Officials Investigate”

  1. Cindy Grier

    Wow, Denver isn't that big, guess they may have a lot of doughnut shops to stop at before responding to a person in need.

  2. Jeff Allen Graham

    I would think the police had the right to kick the door in since her life was in immenent danger according to the neighbor's eyewitness account. The husband may have been in the process of killing her while the police were looking through the windows into the house. 99% of the time couples like this make uip and continue on with abuse.Unfortunately in this case that dysfunction will not even happen since the woman ended up dead.

  3. Ken Burch

    My God. There needs to be a mass march on the main Denver police station now…women and all those opposed to violence against women need to be out in force to make sure that the DPD knows this is NOT acceptable.

  4. Linda Moore

    Police generally show up after the fact and document the crime, they seldom prevent a crime in progress. Why didn't the neighbor let the victim into their home for safety? We all have to help each other, or this could happen to you.

  5. Tina Perriguey

    The dog is there to give you time to get your gun. Don't ever underestimate either a well-bred, well-trained working dog – or a gun owner who has fired her handgun, with accuracy so many times it fits her like a glove.

  6. Tina Perriguey

    I am NOT big on police kicking in doors, in fact I'm a relentless 4th Amendment advocate. But in this case, I agree with you Jeff.

  7. Karen Croy

    by the time the neighbor got to the door the husband was dragging her off the porch. re read the article, you'll see it.

  8. Brian Lee Keener

    Had i been the neighbor whom door she knocked on one i would've hauled ass to the front door always do and second banging on my door tells me to grab y Beretta it's a 15 round 9mm and i'm great at shooting as in 13 of those 15 rounds would strike the targets head & chest i know this from target practice but for her husband one round to the head fuck letting his punk ass live.

  9. Jeremy Thomas

    Don't tell me, don't tell me..She tried to ward him off by firing shots…10 rounds were unsuccessful..then the gun ran empty. Police are there to cordon off the scene, draw chalk lines and recover spent casings….."When seconds count, they are minutes (even 5-hours) away…

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