Eddie Murphy Deletes His Twitter Account After 'Coming To America 2' Trolling

Eddie Murphy Deletes His Twitter Account After ‘Coming To America 2’ Movie Leak

As of this writing, searching for the verified “Eddie Murphy” Twitter account results in Twitter claiming, “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” However, the cache of Eddie’s verified Twitter account can still be seen via Google. On that page, the tweet that Murphy‏ himself may have tweeted, but was likely sent by Murphy’s social media team, on the Twitter account once found @eddiemurphy asked Twitter followers about a Coming to America sequel, accompanied by a photo of Vanessa Bell Calloway, one of the stars of the original Coming to America movie.

Meanwhile, Calloway said in the above video that she is ready for Coming to America 2, because the original Coming to America movie is the gift that keeps on giving. Vanessa theorized that Eddie’s Twitter account may have been hacked, because she noted just how private of a person Murphy can be.

However, Vanessa hopes that the tweet gets studios interested in Coming to America 2, because Calloway said that people still stop her on the street, nearly 30 years after Coming to America debuted in 1988, to talk about her character in the movie. Vanessa also said that people send her photos of prom dresses dressed up like her character, and noted how Blue Ivy paid homage to the movie.

“Coming to America sequel?”

coming to america 2
Vanessa Bell Calloway [Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]

As reported by TMZ, Murphy wasn’t just joking about Coming to America 2 being a reality. The publication noted that Eddie is writing Coming to America 2, even though Murphy’s fans don’t know the source of the tweet about Coming to America 2. Nor do fans know if the leak about the Coming to America 2 movie was intentional, or if it’s the reason Murphy’s Twitter account has been deleted.

Either way, TMZ claimed that news about Coming to America 2 likely did not come from Eddie, because Murphy doesn’t tweet. Instead, the social media team of Eddie performs such Twitter actions, and perhaps that’s the reason why Murphy’s Twitter account is now gone.

Coming to America 2
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Exactly which actors from the full cast of the original movie will return for Coming to America 2 remains to be seen, but fans of the original movie are having all sorts of reactions to thoughts about a Coming to America 2 movie. Some of those reactions, as excerpted from social media below, can be read as quoted. Fans of the original Coming to America movie are already offering their plot suggestions online, or referencing the type of products like “Soul Glow” curl activator that might show up in the sequel.

HipHopEarly wrote:More Soul Glow…”

Joseph Tyrell Gadson wrote: “Just heard after 30yrs there will be a sequel to one of my all time favorite movies #comingtoamerica2

Kendall B. wrote: “Eddie Murphy is messing with my emotions!”

Dj Mikeman wrote:Is this true? #ComingToAmerica #ComingToAmerica2

Alisa Wright shared TMZ‘s post and wrote:Ok this just made my day. #ComingToAmerica2

106 KMEL wrote: “CONFIRMED: Coming To America 2 Is Coming! Are you excited for the sequel?”

Da Blast Radio shared Toni Higgins Smith‘s photo and wrote: “Say It Isn’t so! #ComingToAmerica2? We got to be there to see this…”

As seen in the top photo above, Eddie was photographed during the premiere of Bowfinger in Los Angeles, as his former wife Nicole looked at Murphy on Tuesday, August 10, 1999, in Universal City, California. In the meantime, as Murphy’s fans wonder about the Coming to America sequel, as reported by Mercury News, Murphy is also winning attention and praise for his dramatic role as Henry Church in Mr. Church. Murphy took on a role in that film that featured him starring as a cook for single mother Marie Brody, along with her 10-year-old daughter, Charlotte.

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