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Michael Jackson: Child Molestation Claims Allegedly Shortened The Singer’s Life

untouchable the strange life and tragic death of michael jackson

Michael Jackson’s life was shortened due to the devastation caused by child molestation claims, according to Thomas Mesereau, the singer’s former attorney. The lawyer served as Jackson’s criminal defense counsel during the star’s trial in 2005.

Mesereau maintains that being accused of sexually molesting two young boys was worse than being accused of murder for Michael Jackson, according to the New York Post. The attorney had this to say about the impact of Jackson’s legal woes:

“To be called a pedophile is worse than being called a murderer. I know what these false charges did to him. In my opinion, they shortened his life.”

Michael Jackson’s former attorney also expressed his support from Randall Sullivan’s new biography about the superstar, according to Radar Online. Sullivan also defends Jackson’s character in Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson. Thomas Mesereau had this to say about the book detailing the life of his friend and former client:

“The greatest benefit to come out of this book is Mr. Sullivan’s objective conclusion that Michael Jackson was not a child molester.”

In Sullivan’s book, the author claims that it was impossible for the King of Pop to have been a child molester because the 50-year-old man had resisted sex his entire life and he died a still a virgin.

An excerpt from Untouchable reads:

“It was understood that Michael Jackson sought the company of prepubescent males because he yearned to be one himself. He wasn’t trying to be heterosexual or homosexual or even asexual, but rather presexual.”

The 62-year-old attorney reportedly wanted to write a book about Jacko, but stated that he felt publishers were not interested in chapters written about why Jackson was innocent. Mesereau also notes that he found his conclusion about the supposed desires of book publishers “disturbing.”

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30 Responses to “Michael Jackson: Child Molestation Claims Allegedly Shortened The Singer’s Life”

  1. Liz Alexander

    Jackson not "Jacko". Also, while Sullivan's book contains some truth, it also contains a lot of hateful lies about Michael. Why Thomas Mesereau would show support for it is baffling. Just because it includes the FACT that Michael was innocent (something that was proven in a court of law) does not mean it is a good or positive book.

  2. Tyson Katona

    F.U.C.K. the press, tabloid trash and lies. this is sad and gnawed bones. PLEASE STOP.:)

  3. Samuel Johnson

    Michael Jackson was NOT a child molester OF COURSE and we did NOT need Sullivan and his trash to know it. Also, Michael Jackson was HETEROSEXUAL. I really don't know why Mesereau supports such a trash FULL OF LIES, he should know that this moron insignificant's "opinion" does not have any value. And, idiots, his name his JACKSON.

  4. Angela Macken

    I'm sick of correcting ignorant media-heads by having to repeat that Michael Jackson found "Jacko" instulting.
    STOP the ignorance.

    "I'm not a Jacko, I'm a Jackson…I have a heart and I have feelings I feel that when you do that to me. It's not nice, don't do it. I'm not a wacko." ~ Michael Jackson.

    (Rolls eyes)!

  5. Janna McMillin

    I never believed the lies. And it only confirmed it to me after Michael died that the first "victim"'s father committed suicide. I guess he knew his meal ticket had run out. Plus the "victim" sort of disowned his dad.

  6. Dawn Harmon

    Michael Jackson was not a child molester, he was a child that never had a childhood. He liked being around children because he was trying to have a real childhood. Unfortunately, most people would rather believe that he was a child molester instead of looking at his entire life. He was on stage at the age of 5 and never stopped. So where was the childhood, no playing with neighborhood kids, it was practice, practice, practice. If I had to live a life like that I'm sure that I would be the same way. Just because someone who happens to be a grown man on the outside doesn't necessarily mean that he is a grown man on the inside. People really need to let the superstars that have give music what it is today a break when it comes to their demise. Elvis was accused of being a drug addict. Just like Michael Jackson, they needed something to keep them up and something to bring them down. Unfortunately, not carefully monitoring the patient is why most of these superstars end up dead long before their time. Although, they may not have a body anymore, but they have their music which still lives on to this day through the people in this world that do not judge what you do not know.

  7. Beth Meyers

    Michael died three years ago. Does it really matter if he was a pedophile or not? Or if being accused of being one shortened his life? Dead is dead. It doesn't matter.

  8. Terra MamaBear Fitzhugh

    Jackson…..Get it right….. I say he's innocent! Want to argue the point? Then kiss my ass. He was innocent, he was proven innocent. Leave it at that, let it go. People need to just back the hell off. He's gone. Sure, write a book about his life, but leave out the lies.

  9. Kathryn Nichole

    His name is Michael Jackson. Not Jacko which is a slur by the way. MJ was never a pedophile. He was falsely accused and acquitted in the court of law of all counts. He was tried by the media in the court of opinion and for the end of his days it hung over his head that although acquitted some still think he was guilty and that isn't right. If people would take the time to really read up on the case and the court transcripts they would know that MJ was always innocent.

  10. Natalie Barnes

    Why the hell is Tom Mez supporting this doushebag? Sullivan didn't even know Michael, and he's writing a damn book about him. His book is full of lies, like about his vitiligo, his personality, and he even calls him a pedophile at one point in the book. All coming from incredible sources. Is Tom Mez on acid or something? How can he give this 5 stars? I have a lot of respect for Tom, for being such a good friend to Michael…but not that he's supporting this shit…I'm not so sure anymore…

  11. Shannon McLean-Glass

    One good thing out of his death, now his kids can live a normal life. If he was still alive they would probably be living like freaks. Running around with masks on. That was a form of child abuse. Strange person. Can't call him a man.

  12. Louis Gonzales

    His children deserved privacy. Michael's biggest fear was for them to be abducted. That's a reasonable fear.I mean, Michael got death threats and stalkers constantly throughout his life. He also didn't want his children to be called "Wacko Jacko's children". Protecting their identities at least stopped that from occurring.

  13. Shannon McLean-Glass

    Really??? They live a much more normal life now. Have any of them been abducted yet? Don't think so. God Bless those kids & their Grandma.

  14. Sadie Saunders

    Admittedly, I haven't read the.700 plus page book. Having said that, I have a few questions that come to mind for me.
    One, what are the purpose and the motive for writing this voluminous account of the superstar's life and death? Two, who benefits from the book being written and published,

    Three and more specifically, do Mr. Jackson's children benefit from the detailed nature of this publication? In other words, does the release of this book enable the family and Mr. Jackson's children to look forward to some supportive clarity, resulting in the closure on chapters of their father's life that had been tainted with the media's denigrating coverage and portrayal of their loved one?

    If the focus of this book has been written in such a fashion as to not consider the children’s well being then, I respectfully request that we gather some composure and human decency and move on. Let's garner enough integrity, self-respect and self direction and to use an old cliché, 'let's get a life', and leave the lives of those who have to move forward alone so that they can build a life without their loved one, absent of the constant reminder of how the public, at large, has labeled their family member.


  15. Patricia Burks

    jackson Not 'Jacko" you tabloid freaks! This was written to give the scandal junkies what them jones for… the same old smut disguised as a 'book'.

  16. Patricia Burks

    Jackson Not 'Jacko", you tabloid freaks! This book was written to give the scandal junkies what them jones for… the same old smut disguised as a 'book'.

  17. Pen Dragon

    I'm sure what Mr Mesereau says is true – Jackson was a sensitive soul and I cannot imagine that he ever truly recovered from the horror of being both falsely accused of molestation and then being so misrepresented by the press. A section of Sullivan's book is dedicated to recounting fairly accurately the details of the trial (much of which was not highlighted by the media at the time) and which does indeed point to a case of extortion against Jackson. Sadly however, the remainder of the book is not so noteworthy.

    The majority of the pages are littered with tabloid garbage going back over Jackson's life which Sullivan has referred to without verification of the contents or even any sort of common sense, particularly as many of the stories can easily be refuted with a little research. It's a shame that Sullivan didn't take more time to explore the true origins of and refute the many myths which have molded themselves into the caricature of Jackson which is being perpetuated in his book. Aside from this there is little or no reference to Jackson as an artist – something which very much made up the essence of his being and whose work is more relevant to his character.

    There are better books available which give a fair account of the trial "Michael Jackson Conspiracy" by Aphrodite Jones is revealing and for those who ARE interested in Jackson's artistic life, Joe Vogel's excellently researched "Man in the Music" is also worthwhile.

  18. Patricia Burks

    Jackson Not 'Jacko", you tabloid freaks! This book was written to give the scandal junkies what they jones for… the same old smut disguised as a 'book'.

  19. Martha Ames

    I think it matters Beth. Your reputation is part of your legacy too. Also, his children are still here and should not have to listen to awful accusations about their father. No one left behind should have to have their loved one's name unfairly defiled in such a way.

  20. Karen Moriarty

    MJ Fans! Check out Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy (, the COUNTERPOINT to Sullivan's newly released tabloid-like book that, sadly, perpetuates many myths and untruths about MJ.
    This Readers Favorite 5-star book was written by Dr. Karen Moriarty… for MJ fans… to vindicate and to celebrate Michael. Its contributors really knew MJ and loved him.

    Available as a paperback, ebook, and iPad format, Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Outskirts Press from anywhere in the world.

    Like Us On Facebook: Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy.

  21. Sadie Saunders

    Most people who know, have interviewed and/or have observed Mr. Jackson’s children have come away stating that his children are intelligent, articulate, and very well-mannered young people.

    Anyone who has ever been a parent knows full well the investment it takes in parenting one's children to be as stellar as Mr. Jackson's children are takes a level of love and commitment that is consistently enduring and sincere.

    Mr. Jackson made it quite clear that he did not want his children hounded like he was when he was a child star, pursued relentlessly by a media that knows no respectful boundaries even with children.

    To so casually state that someone is better off without one’s father is, at best, insensitive and cruel. They loved him dearly and for good reason. They knew they were loved.

    None of us will ever be able to fathom what it is like to be a mega superstar and be stalked relentlessly by strangers throughout one’s entire life.

    “Before we accuse, criticize and abuse”… take a walk in Mr. Jackson's shoes. And, if we even attempt to imagine what is was like to live the very public life that Mr. Jackson had, we would fall short, as none of us can remotely imagine what is like to be the most famous entertainer on this planet.

    In the meantime, let's grow up and use our minds and hearts for what they were intended for, and that is to use them as tools that enable us to communicate with the world in a respectful manner, so that we can appropriately contribute to a world that is in such dire need of more people who are willing to step up to the plate, like Mr. Jackson did throughout his life, and take a stand on what one deems important so that our words and our actions can make this world a better place.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that any statements made here or anywhere in the public domain are accessible to Mr. Jackson’s children, who are attempting to move forward in their lives without their father by their side as a guide and mentor.

  22. Sadie Saunders

    The statement, "In Sullivan’s book, the author claims that it was impossible for the King of Pop to have been a child molester…: is, perhaps, the most noble and courageous statement the author made in this book.

    Also, I wish to thank the author of this article for focusing on the most hideous chapter of Mr. Jackson’s life, for which he was found not guilty on all charges.

    As more people take the time to read about the trial period that the media did not appropriately inform us about, at the time, perhaps, the public can better understand how Mr. Jackson could not have been a child molester, based on the facts that Mr. Mesereau so brilliantly presented.

    Let us keep in mind as we review the trial timeframe that facts cannot be purchased not even by someone as wealthy as Mr. Jackson. However, facts can and do set one free, especially when the facts are presented by an attorney that has earned his right to be called defense lawyer.

    It is my sincerest hope that, in this voluminous publication, that something good can come from it that can assist Mr. Jackson's children in their efforts to move forward with their lives in a world that can demonstrate appropriate empathy for their father's plight, while he was here, thereby restoring the stellar legacy that Mr. Jackson is so entitled to be attributed for.

  23. Shannon McLean-Glass

    I agree. I said they live a much more normal life now than they ever did with him. At least they aren't made to run around in masks. Their lives r so much more normal now. I'm sure they miss & luv their dad very much.

  24. Mary Kesterke

    Anyone interested in reading a 'fan's' perspective of the truth of Michael's innocence can do so by reading my book 'Kindred Spirits-A Tribute to Michael Jackson", fact based work of fiction now available in both Kindle and print formats…

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