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Animal Adventure Park Taking Questions For Facebook Q&A, Watch Live Giraffe Cam

The Animal Adventure Park (AAP) announced through their daily Facebook update they are taking questions regarding April the giraffe, the upcoming birth of her calf, and life at the park for an upcoming live Facebook Q&A. To submit questions, viewers of the live giraffe cam are advised to head over to the official AAP Facebook site and submit their question on the morning update post. AAP staff will review the questions then answer them during the session.

Update! The Live Q&A is Currently Underway

Here is the full morning update as posted on Facebook where the solicitation for questions was placed. Included in the morning update is a photo of April the giraffe’s eye as she peers at the camera. You can see the full March 16, 2017, morning update below, including a quote where the AAP talks about the upcoming live Facebook Q&A.

“3/16 Morning Update

“What a long evening! Many of you were up with us around 1:30 am EST and the following hours, and witnessed some very interesting behavior that had us on edge. Though, this morning, all has seemed to settle. We will continue to watch and monitor throughout the day.

“Today will bring another day of snow movement and dig out from storm Stella. We do expect to go Facebook LIVE at some point, to show you the amounts of snow and to answer questions!

“So, today, instead of your supportive comments, please ask a question that you would like answered! We will tackle as many as possible in a short time frame!”

Watch Live Giraffe Cam and Check in on April Now

You can tune into the live giraffe cam 24/7 and check in on April’s current condition. Her early labor is progressing normally, and she is preparing for the big event: active labor that results in calf’s hooves on the ground. Although April is undergoing many physical and behavioral changes, she still needs to have milk in her udders for her newborn calf and the baby needs to settle in the birth canal.

Once the baby is ready to be born, you’ll see a noticeable and detectable change in April’s stomach. Her stomach will visibly reveal the baby is in the proper position. While it seems like there might be a bit of time before April’s is in active labor, keep in mind that Mother Nature is unpredictable. It could take weeks for April to enter active labor, or it could happen overnight. When the calf is ready to be born, it will come, and nothing will stop the birthing process.

Here is the live giraffe cam. Do you see any noticeable changes in April’s belly? Do you think the baby is changing positions?

Watch Dr. Tim Examine April the Giraffe as She’s Rewarded with Carrots

Allysa Treats April the Giraffe and Waves to the Cam: Watch Video

Since the AAP posted the morning update, hundreds of questions have flooded the Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook post. Some questions include how the AAP staff will clean Oliver’s stall if April and the calf are inside the giraffe barn. Female giraffes are cows and males are bull, and that might give you an understanding of how male giraffes behave. While April continually shows she’s the docile creature of the pair, Oliver simply isn’t as gentle. April and Oliver are mostly separated during this final stage of her pregnancy for her own safety and protection.

Fans are looking forward to the Facebook live chat to see if this is one of the questions answered. Some examples of other questions include how long April has been at the Animal Adventure Park, what happened to her three previous calves, and if the AAP plans on setting up live cams and YouTube feeds for other animals. The AAP currently has more than 200 animals, and babies are continually being born.

Would you like to see other live cams from the AAP? Are you watching the giraffe cam? Do you have questions for AAP owner Jordan Patch and other AAP staff? If so, submit them on the post.

[Featured Image by Mongkol Rujitham/Shutterstock]