G-Dragon Sulli Not Dating

Sulli Not Dating BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, According To YG Entertainment

Rumors began spreading online that Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, is dating the former f(x) member Sulli. This speculation started when fans noticed that the two stars were wearing identical accessories. Specifically, G-Dragon posted a photo of his hand adorned with a silver ring with the word “sex” engraved on it.

Meanwhile, Sulli also shared a photo of herself via Instagram supposedly wearing the exact same rings. Thanks to these two photos on All K-Pop, netizens went into a frenzy, sharing ideas and opinions along the lines of the rings being a couple item.

The dating rumors intensified when netizens noticed that G-Dragon and Sulli boarded the same airplane set for France back in January. Apparently, there were photos published online featuring the two stars relaxing in their airplane seats. Fans then noticed that the backgrounds behind Sulli and G-Dragon were the same.

Furthermore, netizens were able to put together more “proof” to solidify the rumors between G-Dragon and Sulli’s relationship. Despite the rumored relationship only being shortly after Sulli’s break up with Choiza, fans did not stop shipping them.

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Looking back, Sulli and Choiza ended their relationship of two years and seven months recently as confirmed by Sulli’s agency, SM Entertainment. A few years after revealing their relationship to the world on August of 2014, the two have decided to stay friends instead.

Another notable hint that the two are more than friends is Sulli’s “Happy New Year” post where she was resting her head on an unknown male. Some speculate that it is G-Dragon’s manager featured in Sulli’s photo. In addition, Sulli and the Big Bang leader were also seen at an amusement park, but they were not alone. On the trip, Hara and Ga In were with Sulli and G-Dragon back in February.

After the dating rumors spread online, some noticed that G-Dragon set his Instagram account to private. Some fans claimed that it was because of the rumors regarding his relationship with Sulli. However, it was revealed that the star’s personal account has always been private.


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The majority of fans believe that these rumors are a long shot. However, there are still those clinging to the idea that G-Dragon and Sulli are dating. Fortunately, these rumors have been slammed by YG Entertainment in a recent report.

YG Entertainment took the lead and denied the dating rumors surrounding Sulli and G-Dragon, finally shutting down all the speculations. The much-needed enlightenment was bestowed upon fans on March 16, when YG Entertainment disclosed that they personally asked G-Dragon about the rumors.

The agency clarified that the rumors surrounding Sulli and G-Dragon were false, YG Entertainment stated, “It’s absolutely false and ridiculous. He laughed because it was so shockingly stupid.”

The rumours are not true. We repeat, the rumours are not true. YG Entertainment & SM Entertainment have denied that G-Dragon (@xxxibgdrgn) & Sulli (@jelly_jilli) are dating, slamming the rumours as groundless and ridiculous. Read their full statements here: bit.ly/GDxSulli #GDragon #BIGBANG #Sulli #fx #KPop #YGEntertainment #SMEntertainment

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After consulting with G-Dragon personally, it was revealed that the dating rumors between the Big Bang leader and Sulli are undeniably false. An explanation regarding the foundation of the rumors was also provided, citing that the silver ‘sex’ rings were actually a gift from a mutual friend of Sulli and G-Dragon. It is worth mentioning that G-Dragon found the rumors to be ridiculous when he was queried about it by his agency.

It was later added that Sulli and G-Dragon have not seen each other since their trip to the amusement park back in February. It seems that G-Dragon has been busy preparing to release his solo album, and as a result, the star rarely goes outside.

YG Entertainment isn’t the only label that rushed to share the truth. Sulli’s agency, SM Entertainment, also verified that the dating rumors about the former f(x) member and G-Dragon were untrue.

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