Khia Accuses Bloggers Of Stealing Content In Epic Rant On TS Madison Live Chat
Khia explains Papoose infatuation goes off about Remy Ma - Nicki Minaj feud

Khia Accuses Bloggers Of Stealing Content In Epic Rant On TS Madison Live Chat

Khia was right when she said she was a marketing genius in a Facebook Live video posted by TS Madison on Wednesday. Over the last few days, blogs have exploded with headlines about how Khia has been thirsting over Remy Ma’s man after she heavily praised Papoose when asked to give her opinion on the escalating feud between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. Watch the video below but keep in mind this is TS Madison and Khia we are talking about so the language is definitely adult and NSFW so listen at your own risk to this video and the original Khia Instagram video posted below.

People who haven’t given much thought to Khia since “My Neck, My Back” was still getting airplay are now looking her up and talking about what Khia had to say about the Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj feud. Now they are talking about how Remy Ma must be fuming after Khia started making moves on Papoose.

Let’s just get that out of the way right now because Khia also went into detail about exactly what she said about Papoose in the TS Madison live video, and she was right about that too for the most part. Did she go a bit too far? Was she so harsh on Remy Ma that she probably should still be pretty angry? Probably, but it sure got people talking, and now they are headed to Khia’s social media in droves and if you didn’t know she was a blogger before, you do now.

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Remy Ma definitely doesn’t have to worry about Khia trying to steal her man. She made it clear in the same Instagram video where she gushed over Papoose for being a great example of a king that she took several days to even respond to the Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj feud because she was too busy doing unmentionable things with her own king. Not only that but if Papoose would even consider leaving Remy for her, it’s safe to say that Khia wouldn’t want him because he wouldn’t be the kind of guy she has been gushing about.

In the TS Madison live chat and in her own Instagram video, Khia gave heavy praise to Papoose for being an ideal husband and for doing right by his wife, Remy Ma. She pointed out that Papoose held Remy down for seven years while she served time in prison, helping raise her kids and making sure she had money on her books. Khia also pointed out that when Remy Ma got out of jail, Papoose was right there waiting. There was no drama to handle when she got out, just a warm welcome, a huge wedding, and Papoose begging Remy Ma for a baby.

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Where Khia went too far and the reason Remy Ma might be a little angry (or one of the times at least) was when Khia went on and on about how she needs to have a baby for Papoose right now. Apparently, she wasn’t watching Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop New York or watching The Real when Remy Ma talked all about how she did get pregnant with Papoose’s baby and then, sadly, she lost it when she had to have a fallopian tube removed due to a tubal pregnancy.

What makes Remy Ma’s recent pregnancy loss even more tragic is that she already had the same thing happen with her other fallopian tube. So while she desperately wants to get pregnant with Papoose’s baby and keep the promise that she made him before he gave her a huge post-prison wedding, she will have to rely on medical intervention in order to carry a baby to term. While she has admitted that a baby with Papoose is in the works, it just hasn’t happened yet.

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While Remy Ma has admitted that a baby with Papoose is in the works, it just hasn’t happened yet due to those heartbreaking medical complications. So it would be nice to get Khia the benefit of the doubt and assume she didn’t know that whole backstory prior to posting what she did. After all, she did admit that she follows no one and she posts what she posts for her audience and doesn’t need to explain herself. She also said that she is neither a Remy Ma fan or a Nicki Minaj fan. She has no rapper in this feud, so to speak. She just wanted to give Papoose a shout out for holding her down the way a man really should.

Khia just wanted to give Papoose a shout out for holding Remy Ma down the way a man really should. Then she took it a little too far with the moaning and constant fawning over Papoose. Then maybe she pushed it a little bit more by challenging Remy Ma fans to name five of her songs without Googling, essentially calling them out for not being true fans. There was plenty of shade thrown and plenty of pushing the limit done but Khia wasn’t trying to get Papoose to leave Remy Ma and hook up with her.

Now here’s the part that truly can’t be ignored and the whole point of this post. In addition to explaining herself regarding her comments on Papoose after making it clear that she owed no one an explanation, Khia accused the large number of bloggers who have reported on her ongoing Papoose commentary of often taking inflammatory snippets and spinning rumors that she is chasing after Remy Ma’s man for shock value and in order to increase page views. The actual Khia Instagram video talking about Papoose and Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj can be seen here.

She also claimed that the blogs have been stealing her material and that because the bloggers found her recent comments on Papoose, Remy Ma, and Nicki Minaj interesting, therefore reporting on them and linking back to her social media pages to show exactly what she has said and posted, that they somehow owe her something. In actuality, it is those blogs who have opted to feature her story and increase interest in what she has to say that has been driving people to Khia’s Instagram, Twitter, and even TS Madison’s Facebook Live chat to see what she had to say. In turn, that has been helping Khia to get more exposure for her music, mostly because she has been posting iTunes links for her songs on Twitter. All of this attention has undoubtedly increased Khia’s social media followers in a way that helps increase her bottom line as well.

Do you think Khia went too far with the Papoose praise and the Remy Ma diss and her criticism of bloggers who went too far by writing about her? Sound off on Khia, Papoose, and the Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj feud in the comments section below.

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