E9 returns home

E9 Update: Juvenile Bald Eagle Returns To Nest, Watch Live Cam And Videos

There’s good news to report in the story of E9, the bald eagle who fell from the nesting tree on March 14, 2017. E9 is the sole eagle of parents Harriet and M15 that hatched on New Year’s Eve, while live cams streamed the event online. The tree is located on property owned by Dick Pritchett in North Fort Myers, Florida. Consisting of many trees, a pond and a horse pasture, the location has been a haven for bald eagles and Harriet has raised many eagles there. On March 16, 2017, E9 turns 75-days-old and there are many reasons to celebrate. After E9 fell from the tree, then practiced flying skills, E9 not only flew to a tree across from the nest but at 7:05 p.m. ET, E9 flew to his nest and has been there ever since. For many who feared the worst for E9’s safety, the return has been welcomed with celebratory joy.

YouTube user Lady Hawk has followed the Southwest Florida eagles for many seasons and captured the exhilarating moment where E9 returned home. You may watch the video below.

The official Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Facebook page has shared photos and updates since E9 fell out of the nest. You can see those photos below, including new photos showing a glimpse of E9’s journey back to the nest. Once E9 returned home, the juvenile bald eagle ate voraciously. Undoubtedly, E9 was hungry and exhausted after his or her surprise adventure.

After E9’s accidental fall, many viewers were worried that human interference would prevent or delay E9’s return home. Many people began visiting the Pritchett’s property and there was great concern. Fortunately, E9 has proved to be a strong and determined eaglet. This mishap could have resulted in dire consequences, but each step of the way, E9’s instincts kicked in. When E9 fell out of the tree, he or she didn’t crash into the ground, but E9 prevented a collision by flying. Throughout E9’s first day on the ground, the bald eagle explored, tasted things that weren’t edible, interacted briefly with other animals, and ultimately mastered the art of flight. E9’s resilience and ability to make it back to the nest shows just how powerful mother nature is when left alone. Though E9 had a happy ending, this incident should serve as a cautionary tale for those who are tempted to interact with wildlife. E9 did not need to be picked up, rescued or moved. He or she simply needed time for Harriet’s and M15’s lessons to sink in and to master his own abilities.

Watch the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Live

Now that E9 is home and resting peacefully, interest and demand in the live eagle cam has picked up. You can watch the live eagle cam below and toggle through the playlist to view each of the three SWFL eagle cams.

The morning of March 16, 2017, many people started their day wondering where E9 was. YouTube user Wskrsnwings visits the nest site on a regular basis and makes original video footage. She captured the moment when E9 fell out of the tree and her coverage brought clarity to a very troubling situation. Wskrsnwings captured photos from approximately 10 a.m. after she spotted E9 in a tree on the property. You can see that photo below as well as the video footage she captured of E9 falling from the tree and taking his or her first long distance flight.

Here are photos of E9 after falling from the tree and exploring life in the pasture. Throughout E9’s adventure, you could see the curiosity of the bald eagle as he or she experienced the world below for the first time.

Here is the original announcement the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam provided after E9 fell from the tree.

Many feared that E9 would never make it back to the nest tree or never be seen or heard from again. Though E9 mastered flying and has moved easily back to the nest, E9 is not ready for solo life. There are many lessons Harriet and M15 still need to teach. Most important, E9 must learn how to fish and hunt. After this fiasco, we’re sure E9 will learn those lessons with flying colors.

How did you respond to news E9 had accidentally fledged the nest? What was your response to E9’s return? Feel free to leave your remarks in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by Paul Reeves Photography/Shuterstock]