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April The Giraffe Labor Updates: Stomach, Udders, And Vulva, Watch Live Cam

It’s March 15, 2017, and April the giraffe is still pregnant. Keeping the world on edge, many people want to know how April’s early labor is progressing when she will be in active labor and how long before a newborn calf’s hooves are seen and then hit the ground. As of today’s morning update, April’s early labor remains the same as it has been for the past several days, and many viewers are afraid to look away from the live cam. April’s physical condition indicates active labor isn’t far off and the Animal Adventure Park, where April lives with her mate Oliver, states she is at the end of her pregnancy. Though no one knows the exact day, hour or minute active labor will begin, it won’t be far off.

Watch April the Giraffe Live Cam

The live giraffe cam continues to stream 24/7, but sometimes it goes down for unknown reasons. If the live feed crashes, the Animal Adventure Park will restart it and it will be updated in the video player below.

According to the Giraffe Husbandry Manual by Australasian Zookeeping, there are several signs and symptoms that indicate active labor is soon approaching. April has displayed nearly all of these behaviors. The most noticeable changes of imminent labor are growing bellies and enlarged udders. April’s stomach continues to get larger and the baby kicks so strongly those watching on live cam can see the baby’s movements. This type of activity increases as labor draws near and April’s calf is getting stronger each day. In the past two weeks, April has undergone significant change to her udders, stomach size, and the baby’s kicks and fetal movements are growing stronger. You may see changes in April’s stomach by comparing the video below with the live feed. Here are photos of April’s udders as shared by the Animal Adventure Park. Milk will be present in April’s udders approximately two days before the onset of active labor. Though the Animal Adventure Park stated April’s udders appeared fuller, they did not specifically state if she had milk.

Here is a look back at the Animal Adventure Park’s first live video stream. It shows April in November 2016, and the video really emphasizes how much her stomach and calf have grown. Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch states that her estimated due date was January or February. The timeline has been adjusted and instead of due dates, Patch urges people to think in terms of birthing windows. Though the day and hour April goes into active labor are unknown, there is no doubt she’s at the end of her pregnancy.

Other important signs of labor include April’s vulva swelling with visible discharge present. She may lie down then get back up again and have difficulty sleeping. Though giraffes do not sleep for a solid stretch of time like humans, pregnant giraffes do sleep less. April has displayed each of these symptoms but the condition of her vulva and the presence of discharge are clear indicators that active labor will be here soon. Is April really holding back for the storm? The evening update for March 14, 2017, states that April continues to experience discharge and her vulva is swollen.

Though conditions in New York are harsh, the Animal Adventure Park have prepared April’s stall and the giraffe barn for months. They always have staff on hand and April is regularly examined by a veterinarian. Throughout storm Stella, staff has stayed on site and slept near April to keep a close watch on her. Once active labor begins it will go quickly. It is estimated that the average giraffe labor and delivery takes less than 60 minutes, though there is always the chance April’s labor will be different.

Fortunately, April is no stranger to pregnancy, labor, and delivery as she has already birthed three calves successfully. Continue to be patient and wait as April will certainly have her baby soon. Are you watching the live giraffe cam?

[Featured Image by Darren Foard/Shuttestock]