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Is Jinger Duggar Vuolo the ‘Wild Child’ Of the Duggar Family?

The Duggar family, the famous (and sometimes infamous) stars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, have recently seen several daughters wed — Jessa, Jill, and the most recent, Jinger. While their eldest son, Joshua, will always be the proverbial “black sheep” of the family, beginning when a scandal was revealed last year that brought to light the fact that he had multiple affairs while married and had molested several of his sisters as a teenage boy. This fact caused TLC to cancel the show and to air a spin-off, titled Counting On. The new series largely detailed the lives of Jessa and Jill, who had married and had babies. Jinger Duggar recently wed Jeremy Vuolo.

Rumors had swirled that the couple had done more than “side-hug” during their courtship, which is frowned upon by Jinger’s highly conservative evangelical parents. Recently, Jinger was spotted in a picture with a fan wearing knee-length shorts, which is considered to be inappropriate by the matriarch of the family, Michelle Duggar, according to Yahoo News. Michelle feels it is indecent to show too much leg and prefers that she and her girls wear skirts and loose pants.

“My daughters are the second generation of modest dressing in this family. They’ve grown up being dressed modestly, and in clothes that are definitely more feminine apparel. I’ve told my daughters this has been a joyful journey for me to learn what my Lord has called me to. I really feel like the Lord is impressing upon me that I should be modest in what I wear. And also, that I really should be defining who I am as a woman by choosing to wear dresses and skirts.”

Jill and Jessa have been spotting wearing tighter-fitting snow pants, but the fact that they are for practical purposes may have absolved them from any wrong-doing in their parents’ eyes. Jinger, however, might be breaking tradition as she also “front-hugged” her then-fiance Jeremy Vuolo, a practice which is considered sexually arousing and is prohibited by Jinger’s parents before marriage.

Josh Duggar could escape consequences via Jinger
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In the recent photo of Jinger, her pants are knee-length, so whether those are classified as long shorts or short pants is debatable, but either way, they are not in line with Jinger’s upbringing. A critic of the Duggar’s Facebook says this is not the first time that Jinger has gone her own way.

“The Duggar girls wear leggings a lot under dresses and skirts. Nothing new there. And the photo I posted of Jinger recently from 2013 had her wearing a sleeveless dress. This type of shorts is brand new though.”

Over at Yahoo News, a commenter named Beverly was sarcastic as she expressed her views about Jinger’s decision to break free from her parents’ views now that she is a married woman and no longer living in their home.

“I am shocked that a grown married child does not continue to follow the rules of the parents! What kind of world do we live in? Sure glad I am perfect parent and that MY children do exactly as I tell them to do, especially as they get close to being 40, which as we know is the dangerous age for children to stray. Be vigilant, parents, and continue to guide your children. After all, you do know best.”

It’s likely Jinger is simply forging her own path as a young, independent adult, who is now a wife and likely does not mean to necessarily say that her parents’ views are wrong. However, she has made no comment on the incident. She has a sister, Joy-Anna, who has allegedly begun courting, so it will be interesting to see if she follows tradition like her sisters Jessa and Jill or forges her own path like sister Jinger.

What are your thoughts on Jinger wearing short pants?

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