Donald Trump's approval rating continues to sink to historic lows.

Donald Trump Approval Rating Plummets Further, Just 39 Percent Approve

Gallup’s newest tracking poll shows that Donald Trump is historically unpopular and that his approval rating is continuing to drop drastically, with just 39 percent of Americans approving the job he has done over the first 50 days that he has been president. This is a three point drop since the start of the weekend as he had received a 42 percent approval rating at the end of last week.

55 percent of Americans currently disapprove of Donald Trump, according to a Gallup survey of 1,500 adults. This number continues to rise on the heels of the Republicans trying to come up with some kind of new health care bill which they say will replacement Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act.

However, with the American Health Care Act, nicknamed Trumpcare, 24 million Americans would be left without any health care coverage, something that many are uneasy about and which is helping to knock Trump’s approval ratings down even further.

Donald Trump ready to sign an executive order on March 13, 2017.
Donald Trump ready to sign an executive order on March 13, 2017. Trump’s approval rating continues to sink to historic lows. [Image by Pool/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, on Tuesday Rasmussen Reports say that those surveyed gave Donald Trump a 46 percent approval rating. With Rasmussen Reports polls, they are known for usually having a higher Republican rating. But despite this, just like Gallup’s latest poll, Trump still took a three point hit on this survey as he had an approval rating of 49 percent when surveyed last week, according to Newsweek.

Rasmussen Reports approval ratings for Donald Trump showed that 53 percent of adults currently disapprove of the job that he is doing in the White House. The sample size that Rasmussen used was also 1,500 adults, like Gallup’s poll.

It should come as no surprise that those who voted for Donald Trump are staunch supporters and continue to stand behind him, on the whole. Gallup data backs this up by showing that when they look at the demographics of those who voted him into office, those same demographic groups are giving Trump fairly high approval ratings.

Those that are generally giving Donald Trump high approval ratings are shown by Gallup to belong to very specific demographic groups. For instance, 67 percent of those who are giving the best approval ratings for Trump’s first 50 days in office are white males without a college degree.

Overall, however, Donald Trump remains extremely unpopular, and all polls show that at the beginning of March he had the worst approval ratings for a new president when looking at six decades worth of approval ratings for past presidents. When contrasted with Barack Obama in March of 2009, Obama was found to have had an approval rating of 62 percent, which is significantly higher when compared with Trump’s low approval rating at the same time now.

What Donald Trump and the Republicans decide on now with regard to Trumpcare could have a potentially huge effect on Trump’s future approval rating. Kyle Dropp, who is the Chief Research Officer at Morning Consult, has said that there is a fairly large amount of wiggle room when it comes to the new Republican health care proposal, as Politco reported.

Donald Trump's approval is in decline after this meeting on the new Republican health care proposal on March 13, 2017.
Donald Trump’s approval is in decline after this meeting on the new Republican health care proposal on March 13, 2017. [Image by Pool/Getty Images]

“There is a lot of room for movement in regards to voters’ opinions about the impact of the Republican plan. About a quarter of respondents are unsure whether to expect an increase in costs or change in quality of care. It is going to be important to track how those numbers move in subsequent news cycles and as Americans continue to increase their focus on this bill.”

Has your opinion changed about Donald Trump since he has become president and do you agree or disagree with the most recent approval ratings for Trump?

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