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Poll: Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying


The Anti-Bullying Alliance has done a poll of 1000 11-16 year olds and found a worrying trend. Half of the kids surveyed said that they have played down some sort of talent in order to avoid being bullied for it. 90 percent of the kids have been bullied or seen someone bullied for being too smart or talented.

Another trend that people should take note of is that not only has society evolved but so has bullying. Not only are kids bullied in schools and malls but now, with the birth of social networking sites, the bullying is following people home.

A recent report by Ofsted describes how, in dealing with bullying, the best schools are those which have a positive culture and ethos, with expectations and rules of engagement spelt out for pupils. These schools respect individual differences, give time to developing empathy and take responsibility for preventing bullying. They use the curriculum to embed messages about bullying and behaviour and they record bullying incidents – not just as a tick box exercise, but to analyse trends and take appropriate action.

Kids who attend these types of schools are confident that the school administration will take solid action to counter bullying if they are made aware there is a problem.

The ABA wants to raise awareness of bullying so that it is not a problem that just parents and school administration should have to tackle alone. They are hoping the government will take notice and start to get involved too.

The ABA suggests the government should get involved to track the incidence of bullying throughout the country, have a database where schools can record specifics about bullies and take appropriate action when it happens and a clear system for parents to raise concerns about bullying and receive assistance

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3 Responses to “Poll: Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying”

  1. Nadja Adolf

    This is news? I was bullied in school for being too smart and having a birth defect. I dropped my GPA down to barely C level and it reduced the amount of bullying – the people who didn't like "girls who think they are smart" quit and I only had to deal with the kids who didn't like "freaks."

  2. Cija Foster

    A few months ago while I was with my son at school, we were in the lunchroom waiting to go back to his class and the lunch room monitor shows them flashcards, when they get to my son, he has to do it all 4 ways, add, subtract, multiply and divide. One of the other kids said he's going to the gifted class right? Dang right he is, they all know he's smart, I always tell him don't hide who you are, those who make fun of you WILL EVENTUALLY work for you when you are older.

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