Jennifer Aniston Allegedly Spent A Whopping $1.46 Million To Look Young

Jennifer Aniston paid £1,231,813 to look like that

Jennifer Aniston reportedly spent a whopping amount of $1.46 million to look young. And that’s more or less the price you pay to look exactly like a younger version of yourself. Aniston’s picture from 17 years ago at the Oscars proved that the Hollywood actress had indeed, aged gracefully. Jennifer spent a whopping amount of $1.4 million to maintain her looks and keep that youthful glow.

We See No Difference

There’s no big difference when we put two pictures of Jennifer Aniston together, albeit taken at different times; one was during Oscar’s Vanity Fair party in 2000, while the other was taken during this year’s Oscars. The most astonishing is the fine similarity between the photos. It’s as if they were taken weeks apart. How did Aniston manage to deliberately freeze time and still look young despite the passing of years?

Jennifer Aniston paid £1,231,813 to look like that

At the 2017 Oscars ceremony, Jennifer Aniston wowed audiences as she was styled to perfection in a cleavage-baring black Versace gown. The sequin-embedded dress features a thigh-high slit and plunging neckline that dropped all the way down to her navel. The blonde beauty finished her look with her straight hair parted at the center, and carried a glitzy designer clutch. Jennifer’s look at the Oscars was obviously inspired by what she wore during the Oscar’s Vanity Fair party way back in 2000.

The now-48-year-old actress wore the same cleavage-baring number. Her blonde tresses were styled in the same way, and we just can’t help but notice the close similarity between the two pictures. That tan, the shape of her lips and face, and her blue eyes; not much has changed, which leads us to the question, did Jennifer Aniston take a dip in the fountain of youth?

According to Daily Mail, Aniston’s ageless comparison is due to a number of skin care treatments, face lifts, and a regimen on maintaining her complexion and youth. Jennifer Aniston reportedly spent a whooping amount of $1,463,520 to perfect that semblance of her old self. It’s practically worth it if you’re a celebrity like Jennifer Aniston, who has a reported net worth of around $130 million. That’s what celebs do, anyway. Their salary relies on their gorgeous looks; therefore, it’s expected of them to exhaust all efforts and means in maintaining their good attributes.

Jennifer Aniston paid £1,231,813 to look like that

Let’s Dissect The Litany Of Treatments She Has To Undergo

Jennifer Aniston spent a whopping amount of $1.4 million and even if this expense is less than a quarter of her net worth, you might be curious as to why Aniston reached that huge sum.

Maintaining a strict diet costs her around $19,000. Aniston confessed that she wasn’t really diet-conscious at first, but was forced to think twice after a scouting agent old her she’s “too chubby.” Eventually, Aniston applied the Atkins diet and she was also reported to be a client of Diet Designs, a Hollywood-based company which delivers balanced meals to superstar clients.

“Breakfast is usually avocado on Ezekiel toast or a smoothie,” Jennifer revealed. “For me, not eating gluten is more of a vanity thing. A diet heavy in carbs is not that great in terms of weight.”

Aniston spent $8,000 to maintain a fresh-faced look and includes non-invasive facial lasers which remove acne scars and wrinkles, as well as numerous face lifts which tightens the skin. Fitness fanatic Jen spent around a total of $48,000 for her legs, makeup, brows, tan, and neck. Another $24,000 for rhinoplasty (she’s had it done twice) and a possible $6,000 done on her breasts through a process called mastopexy, which perks up and firms the breasts, instead of enlarging them. Add that and you have about $86,400 and multiply it for 17 years, you get $1.4 million worth of treatments.

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