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‘Pretty Little Liars’: ‘Uber A’ May Be Outed As The Most Shocking Conspiracy Yet

This article may contain spoilers for Pretty Little Liars.

If one thing can be said about the past six-and-a-half seasons of Pretty Little Liars, it’s that the series has proven over and over again that secrets are hard to keep, and anyone is capable of betrayal under the right circumstances. We’ve seen it over and over with escalating consequences, so, as Pretty Little Liars nears its ultimate conclusion, fans have come to realize that anyone is fair game and anyone can be Uber A. That’s not to say PLL theorists are at all prepared for the show’s ultimate reveal. The truth may be far more sinister than anyone has expected.

Is Pretty Little Liars About To Fall Back On The “Boys Will Be Boys” Defense?

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Betrayal is always devastating, because it never comes from an enemy, and as Teen Vogue points out, it sometimes comes from the ones you least suspect. Teasing the upcoming final chapter of Pretty Little Liars, I. Marlene King has said that this will be the most “heartbreaking” discovery of the series to date. While it’s not clear what she is referring to, whether it has something to do with events to come, or merely the Uber A identity, it is obvious the PLL showrunner intends to pull out all of the stops in giving fans one last mystery.

In speaking about Uber A, the Pretty Little Liars executive producer has revealed her feeling that villains are rarely purely evil, pointing out that there’s a history and a reason for every action.

“Every villain has a real human story,” King previously said about her PLL antagonists. “The best villains are relatable people. In my humble opinion.”

It has also been shared that Uber A is someone, or a group of someones, who are well known to the women of the show and may be people they have grown to trust deeply, throughout the six seasons of Pretty Little Liars.

One of the strongest theories names Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) as the Uber A mastermind. Earlier in the first half of Season 7, Ezra’s story arc has heavily focused on his despair over his missing ex-girlfriend, Nicole. While Ezra seemed to be grieving over her loss, it was also revealed that Mary Drake had also been to South America.

Also worth noting, news of Nicole’s possible recovery seemed to have an unexpected effect on Ezra. He seemed more paranoid and defensive than relieved.

Another PLL theory points to Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) as the final villain, citing his time in Rosewood alone, while everyone else was off to college and traveling the world. This would have given Toby the time to visit CeCe Drake in Radley, providing the opportunity for him to pick up the A game from the previous villain. His motive? No one really knows, which, in itself, might be a motive. Even after six seasons of Pretty Little Liars, there’s still much unknown about Toby and his family.

For instance, what is the real dynamic between Toby and his half sister, Jenna (Tammin Sursok)?

Finally, there’s everyone’s favorite, Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn), and as someone who has never fallen under real suspicion in six seasons, he might just be the most devious Uber A suspect of them all. There are several factors bringing suspicion to bear on Caleb in the final showdown. Chiefly among them are his mysterious family relations, who have never really been introduced on Pretty Little Liars, and his exceptional computer hacking skills. He’s either a government agent or a criminal.

Also, Caleb always seems to gather the financial resources he needs, a talent Uber A might readily need to fund his (or their) antics.

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Pretty Little Liars Teaser Says Goodbye To Season 7B

Pretty Little Liars
‘Pretty Little Liars’ leads up to its final 10 episodes with more video teasers. [Image by Freeform]

As Buddy TV shares, the latest teaser to come from the PLL camp gives fans a new piece of the show’s final goodbye with the main ladies sharing their thoughts about secrets and friendship, proving that, even far beyond the series, Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Alison will always be bonded. The new Pretty Little Liars teaser offers scenes from the last half of Season 7, separating each scene with one of the five girls giving the traditional finger across the lips “shhh” signal.

“Friends share secrets,” Sasha Pieterse says as PLL’s Alison DiLaurentis. “That’s what keeps us close.”

From there, the teaser seems to meld scenes from six years of Pretty Little Liars, intermingling past shots with spoiler scenes for the forthcoming final 10 episodes.

Another trailer released to tease Pretty Little Liars and the show’s “End Game” installment features Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) at her most anxious, warning the rest of the girls that they have never been safe.

“We swim around in this fishbowl like we are in control,” Mona says in the PLL teaser. “We are not. There’s always been somebody watching, manipulating.”

Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars resumes on April 18 on Freeform

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