Dreamcatcher -- Screen Capture of 'Chase Me'

Dreamcatcher Covers Of ‘Lucky Strike’ And ‘Into The New World’ Wow K-Pop Fans

Back in January, the one new K-pop act to make the biggest impact with their debut was Dreamcatcher. Formerly known as Minx, the renovated K-pop girl group shocked and awed everyone with their debut hit track “Chase Me.” It was like nothing anyone had heard before, as it had a creepy vibe that utilized rock a harder rock track, something that is rarely to non-existent among K-pop groups.

Many have compared Dreamcather’s debut hit song “Chase Me” to Babymetal. Many Babymetal fans are very annoyed by the comparison, but those who like both can see some similarities. However, there is no denying that “Chase Me” does sound like music that belongs on the original soundtrack of an anime.

Dreamcatcher -- 'Nightmare' Teaser 2
Minx re-debuted with two additional members as Dreamcatcher. [Featured Image by Happy Face Entertainment]

Because of the impact they made, K-pop fans are anticipating when Dreamcatcher will be making their K-pop comeback. It is possible their comeback may happen later this year or early next, given the fact that Happy Face Entertainment is a much smaller entertainment label and agency. Until then, Dreamcatcher is actually wowing K-pop fans with song and dance covers. Right now, they have two covers: “Lucky Strike” by Maroon 5, and “Into the New World” by So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), better known as Girl’s Generation.

All the covers were uploaded on the official YouTube channel for Happy Face Entertainment. The first cover was “Lucky Strike” by Maroon 5. It was officially uploaded on February 27. In it, Dreamcatcher covers the song while providing a custom dance in a school gym dressed in dark, yet fierce clothing, like fishnet stockings, tight shorts, leather, and studs.

From what we can discern from the special clip, it shows that Dreamcatcher will continue to utilize the rock angle that was shown in their debut. However, they are also showing their diversity by performing a cover of an English song. It is unknown which members are fluent in English, but their singing is on par with the original, very little to no accent. In some ways, this is Dreamcatcher promoting themselves to the American K-pop audience, specifically those in the United States. Covering a song by a popular U.S. band might also get them recognition with certain U.S. music industry artists, Maroon 5 specifically.

The second cover was “Into the New World” by Girls’ Generation. It was the debut song for the popular girl group. It has become an anthem for “girl power,” which is quite fitting given the fact that girl groups were not equal to boy bands until they came along.

In the cover, Dreamcatcher performs the song while doing their best to duplicate its dance. They are dressed in school girl outfits while on a tennis court. Needless to say, they are on point with the vocals and the choreography, something many K-pop fans have noticed.

Dreamcatcher performing “Into the New World” is kind of like a passage for them. In a way, they are saying that after two years, they have finally arrived, and they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve. Dreamcatcher finally has their place among K-pop girl groups, something they struggled to find as Minx, despite their comebacks being quite catchy.

Dreamcatcher -- Formerly Minx (Love Shake)
Technically, Dreamcatcher has done covers before. When they were Minx, their second K-pop comeback ‘Love Shake’ was a cover. [Image by Happy Face Entertainment]

Dreamcatcher crushing the aforementioned covers comes as no surprise given their history. When they were originally known as Minx, their 2015 K-pop comeback, a mini-album titled Love Shake, which featured a title track, which was a cover. “Love Shake” is a song originally performed by their seniors, Dal Shabet, off their album Bang Bang. Though the tune and lyrics were the some, Minx put their own spin on it making it their own. Similarly, Dreamcatcher did the same with “Lucky Strike” and “Into the New World.”

Along with the “special clip” covers above, Dreamcatcher is keeping busy by keeping their fans in the loop with “diary videos” uploaded on the Happy Face Entertainment YouTube channel. If there are any plans for a K-pop comeback, they have yet to be revealed.

[Featured Image by Happy Face Entertainment/Dreamcatcher’s Official Daum Cafe]